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because / owing to / on account of
cause / origin / root cause / reason / CL: 個|个
thus / consequently / as a result
element / factor / CL: 個|个
therefore / as a result / thus / and as a result, ...
gene (loanword)
karma / cause and effect
factor / (genetic) trait / (math.) factor / divisor
cause / a factor (leading to an effect)
cause of death
Innsbruck, city in Austria
factor (of an integer) / divisor
varying from person to person (idiom); different for each individual
main reason
Albert Einstein (1879-1955), German-born theoretical physicist
(idiom) to use methods in line with local circumstances
for some reason
to attribute / to ascribe
cause of disease / pathogen
(idiom) to teach in line with the student's ability
chance / opportunity / predestined relationship / (Buddhist) principal and secondary causes / chain of cause and effect
simply because / all because
factor / divisor (of a math. expression)
cause / factor / cause of formation
to have some good come out of a bad situation (idiom) / a blessing in disguise
in the course of doing one's work / on business
  *因* | 因* | *因
old variant of
  *因* | 因* | *因
cause / reason / because
cause and effects (idiom); entire process of development
motivation / moving force / underlying force / agent
prime factor (in arithmetic)
lidocaine (loanword)
for this reason
codeine (loanword)
to save a little only to lose a lot (idiom)
mutually related karma (idiom); fates are intertwined / interdependent
common factor / common divisor (of a math. expression)
procaine (nerve blocking agent) (loanword)
lit. not eating for fear of choking (idiom); fig. to cut off one's nose to spite one's face / to avoid sth essential because of a slight risk
dyne (loanword)
to continue the same old routine / to carry on just as before / to procrastinate
to take advantage of the new situation (idiom) / to make the best of new opportunities
(Buddhism) retribution / karma
heroin (loanword)
Maine, US state
cause / triggering factor / incentive / inducement
Eindhoven (city in the Netherlands)
attribution theory (psychology)
cocaine (loanword)
caffeine (loanword)
reason / cause / predestined relationship (Buddhism)
(idiom) to continue in the same old rut / diehard conservative attitudes
Honinbo, major school of Go in Japan (1612-1940) / title held by the winner of the Honinbo Go tournament (1941-)
immediate cause / proximate cause
(idiom) to use methods appropriate to the current situation
meme (loanword)
to follow old patterns / to imitate existing models / to continue along the same lines
(Buddhism) good karma
indirect cause / remote cause
crude but simple methods (idiom); use whatever methods you can / to do things simply and thriftily / It's not pretty but it works.
to follow a set routine
Des Moines, capital of Iowa
to get things done relying on others (idiom); with a little help from his friends
Saddam Hussein
to reverse cause and effect / to put the horse before the cart
(loanword) interesting
Calvin Klein CK (brand)
combine (loanword) / harvester
officialese / official routine / (old) (conventional phrase used in response to one's superior) in view of the above, we therefore...
Maine, US state
genetic engineering
complementary factor
shotgun wedding (idiom)
Husain or Hussein (name) / Hussein (c. 626-680), Muslim leader whose martyrdom is commemorated at Ashura / Saddam Hussein al Tikriti (1937-2006), dictator of Iraq 1979-2003
Lewin (name) / Kurt Lewin (1890-1944), German-American psychologist of the Gestalt school known for his field theory of behavior
Indra (a Hindu deity)
Stein (name) / Marc Aurel Stein (1862-1943), British adventurer and archaeologist who explorer Xinjiang in early 20th century
(idiom) to rely on the most favorable method
dependent variable
environmental factor
Mainz (city in Germany)
Human Genome Project
Klein or Kline (name) / Felix Klein (1849-1925), German mathematician
common factor / common divisor
to die in the course of performing one's duty (idiom)
because of this
hatred caused by love (idiom) / to grow to hate someone because of unrequited love for that person
to respond accordingly to / to adapt to / to cope with
in the Name of the Father (in Christian worship)
Internet service provider (ISP)
Internet connection
private (i.e. not work-related 因公)
Inuit (politically correct term for Eskimo 愛斯基摩人|爱斯基摩人)
(Tw) (math.) dependent variable

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