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  *回* | 回* | *回
to circle / to go back / to turn around / to answer / to return / to revolve / Hui ethnic group (Chinese Muslims) / time / classifier for acts of a play / section or chapter (of a classic book)
  *回* | 回* | *回
to curve / to return / to revolve
  *回* | 回* | *回
variant of 迴|回
to retrieve / to redeem
to return to / to come (or go) back
to retrieve
to regain / to retake / to take back / to withdraw / to revoke
to return (an item) / to send back / to go back
to make a round trip / return journey / back and forth / to and fro / repeatedly
to revert / to change back into
variant of 輪迴|轮回
to reincarnate / reincarnation (Buddhism) / (of the seasons etc) to follow each other cyclically / cycle / CL: 個|个
to bring back
to return
to buy back / to redeem / repurchase
to recall (a product, an ambassador etc)
to redeem
to reject / to turn down / to overrule
to go around / to roam / to tour
to take back (forcibly) / to recapture / to win back
to recover (sth lost or stolen) / to get back
to recall / to revoke / to retract
to retrieve
next chapter / next time
to pull back / to regain (one's dignity etc) / to recover from (an adverse situation) / to turn the tables
to remit home
to make up for / to compensate
to turn back / to put back / reversal / melodic inversion (in music)
Hui ethnic group (Chinese Muslims)
time and again / every time
to rebound
to send back
to send back / to return
gyrus (neuroanatomy)
Longhui county in Shaoyang 邵陽|邵阳, Hunan
gone forever (idiom)
roundabout route / circuitous / tortuous / to outflank / indirect / roundabout
cingulum (anatomy)
the first time / for the first time
last time / the previous time
to release from custody
irrevocable / the die is cast
Yan Hui (521-481 BC), disciple of Confucius, also known as Yan Yuan 顏淵|颜渊
for the first time / on the previous occasion / last time (something occurred)
to make a round trip / a return journey
to make a round trip / a return journey
gone forever
to put on (clothes) / to put (clothes) back on
to cycle
to turn back / to retrace one's steps
to circle (in the sky)
angular gyrus (convolution of the brain)
see 徘徊

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