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  *回* | 回* | *回
to circle / to go back / to turn around / to answer / to return / to revolve / Hui ethnic group (Chinese Muslims) / time / classifier for acts of a play / section or chapter (of a classic book)
  *回* | 回* | *回
to curve / to return / to revolve
  *回* | 回* | *回
variant of 迴|回
to reply / to answer / the answer / CL: 個|个
to recall / memories / CL: 個|个
to look back / to review
to recycle / to reclaim / to retrieve / to recover / to recall (a defective product)
(in) return / reciprocation / payback / retaliation / to report back / to reciprocate
variant of 迴避|回避
to shun / to avoid (sb) / to skirt / to evade (an issue) / to step back / to withdraw / to recuse (a judge etc)
to retrieve / to redeem
to return to / to come (or go) back
to reply / to recover / to return (to a previous condition) / Re: in reply to (email)
to return / to come back
to replay / to play back
to return home
to return to
to respond / response
to retrieve
to turn a vehicle around / (computing) "carriage return" character / the "Enter" key / to hit the "Enter" key
to reply to an invitation / (Internet) to post a comment on a forum topic
to return to / to retreat / regression (statistics)
to return / to go back
to repay a favor / to give back / feedback
(old) to report to one's master
to regain / to retake / to take back / to withdraw / to revoke
Hui Islamic ethnic group living across China
what's the matter? / what's going on? / how could that be? / how did that come about? / what's it all about?
to return (an item) / to send back / to go back
to return to one's home country
to turn round / to turn one's head / later / by and by
to rotate / to turn round / slalom
to revolve / to rotate / rotation
to make a round trip / return journey / back and forth / to and fro / repeatedly
one of a sequence of contests (or subdivisions of a contest) between the same two opponents / round (boxing etc) / rally (tennis etc) / frame (billiards etc) / inning / (tennis, soccer etc) rubber or leg / round (of negotiations)
to fall back / to return to low level after a rise (in water level, price etc)
(pay a) return visit
to revert / to change back into
buyback / repurchase / to buy back
one thing / the same as
variant of 輪迴|轮回
to reincarnate / reincarnation (Buddhism) / (of the seasons etc) to follow each other cyclically / cycle / CL: 個|个
to bring back
to glance back / to look back / retrospective
echo / reply / turn (ornament in music)
to rise again after a fall / to pick up / rally (stock market etc)
to return
to turn around / to look back / to recollect
to buy back / to redeem / repurchase
to recall (a product, an ambassador etc)
to redeem
to recall / to look back upon
to reject / to turn down / to overrule
variant of 迴響|回响
to resound / to reverberate / to echo
to echo / to reverberate / to respond / echo / response / reaction
Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, abbr. 寧|宁, capital Yinchuan 銀川|银川
carriage return
to reflect on / to ponder over / aftertaste
to go around / to roam / to tour
(of sth that has been deformed) to spring back to original shape / (fig.) to rebound / to bounce back
to call sb back (on the phone) / a return call / to reply to a telegram / to wire back / a reply telegram
linear regression (statistics)
callback (computing)
(computing) to roll back / rollback / (sports) (of a ball) to come back (due to backspin or sloping ground)
to return / circuit (e.g. electric) / loop
to take seriously (often with negative expression: "don't take it too seriously") / to treat conscientiously
payment of money owing
(computing) "carriage return" character (ASCII code 13)
to flow back / reflux / circumfluence / refluence / backward flow / returning flow (e.g. of talent)
to reply / to write back / letter written in reply / CL:
to go back to one's roots / to return to one's native place / by ext. to join one's ancestors (i.e. to die)
to take back (forcibly) / to recapture / to win back
receipt (written acknowledgement of receipt of an item)
Dachang Hui autonomous county in Langfang 廊坊, Hebei
twice-cooked pork
to recover (sth lost or stolen) / to get back
turn-based (gaming)
to recall / to recollect / to think back
to retaliate verbally / to hit back (at critics)
leaving a rich aftertaste / (fig.) memorable / lingering in memory
repeat customer
to recall / to revoke / to retract
tropic / one of the two latitude lines, Tropic of Capricorn or Tropic of Cancer
to retrieve
to backfill
Hui ethnic group (Chinese muslims)
the road back to where one came from
return trip
to return a greeting / to send a gift in return
next chapter / next time
return on investment (ROI)
Sanji or Changji Hui autonomous prefecture in Xinjiang
to pull back / to regain (one's dignity etc) / to recover from (an adverse situation) / to turn the tables
to collect one's thoughts (after being surprised or shocked) / to snap out of it (after being lost in thought)
to cycle around / cyclotron / slalom
to turn around / maneuvering room / leeway

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