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  *嘴* | 嘴* | *嘴
mouth / beak / nozzle / spout (of teapot etc) / CL: 張|张, 個|个
talkative / to speak out of turn / to blab / to shoot one's mouth off / rumors fly
to open one's mouth (to speak, esp. to make a request) / to gape
nozzle / extrusion nozzle
Shut up! / same as 閉上嘴巴|闭上嘴巴
a full mouth of (sth physical) / to have the mouth exclusively filled with (a certain language, lies, promises, etc)
nipple (on a baby's bottle) / pacifier
to curl one's lip / to twitch one's mouth
to grin
to talk
to talk back / to answer back
to blurt out / to let slip
(baby's) pacifier
to bicker / to squabble / to quarrel
talkative / garrulous / loquacious / flippant / jocular
(baby) bib
unable to conceal one's happiness, amazement, shock etc / grinning from ear to ear / mouth agape / gobsmacked
gluttonous / glutton
to hold one's tongue / Shut up!
to read smoothly (of text) / to blurt out (without thinking) / to suit one's taste (of food)
to kiss (on the mouth)
eloquent and cunning / silver tongued
to pout
stock market manipulator
crow's beak / (fig.) person who makes an inauspicious remark
to quarrel
to grimace (in pain) / to show one's teeth / to bare one's fangs
twisted mouth / wry mouth
to slap
to interrupt (sb talking) / to butt in / to cut into a conversation
to pout / to stick out one's lips
mouthful (awkward speech) / tongue-twister
to answer back / to contradict / to renege / to go back on one's word
to grimace (in pain) / to show one's teeth / to bare one's fangs
to pout (to express anger or displeasure)
lit. cherry mouth (idiom) / fig. a delicate, ruby-lipped mouth
to retort / to answer back
unable to keep one's thoughts to oneself / blabbermouth / CL: 張|张
to lip-sync
to withdraw a remark / to quarrel
to hold forth / to quibble
to slap sb's face / to slap one's own face / fig. to fail to live up to a boast
to pout
to sow discord / picky about food
nibbles / snacks between meals
to quarrel / to bicker / glib repartee
empty talk / mere rhetoric / palaver
to boast
muzzle (device)
cigarette filter
to argue pointlessly / to talk incessant nonsense / to blather
to banter
to scrape a meager living / to get by with difficulty
lit. a donkey's lips do not match a horse's mouth (idiom) / fig. beside the point / incongruous
to make a slip of the tongue
mountain spur
to lip-sync
to talk back / to reply defiantly
(coll.) to wag one's tongue / to indulge in idle gossip and silly jokes / to chatter endlessly / to speak glibly
a slip of the tongue / to blurt out (a secret or stupid mistake)
(dialect) to argue / to quarrel
to muzzle
hard to get one's mouth around / a tongue-twister
to deny / to go back on one's word
well-known commentator / talking head / pundit / prominent TV or radio host
to approve by nodding one's head and smacking one's lips (idiom)
to answer
to chatter endlessly

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