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to like / to be fond of
congratulations / greetings
happy / joyous
to love to hear and see (idiom) / well received / to one's liking
nice surprise / to be pleasantly surprised
comedy / CL: , 齣|出
to like / to love / to be fond of / favorite
  *喜* | 喜* | *喜
to be fond of / to like / to enjoy / to be happy / to feel pleased / happiness / delight / glad
jubilation / festive
happy / joyous / delighted / to like / to be fond of
romantic comedy
the Himalayas
announcement of joyful news / CL: 張|张
radiant with joy
good news / glad tidings
happy occasion / wedding
Sheraton (hotel chain)
making one happy / gratifying / heartening
(bird species of China) Eurasian magpie (Pica pica)
four types of human emotions, namely: happiness 歡喜|欢喜, anger 憤怒|愤怒, sorrow 悲哀 and joy 快樂|快乐
to like / fond of / to prefer / to love / one's tastes / preference
pleasing; gratifying
happy expression / cheerful look
sweet given on a happy occasion (esp. wedding)
hilarity / cheerful atmosphere
to announce good news / to report success
May you have a prosperous New Year! (New Year's greeting)
As You Like It, comedy by Shakespeare
to everyone's delight and satisfaction
full of joy (idiom); jubilation
quarrelsome but loving couple
double happiness / the combined symmetric character (similar to 喜喜) as symbol of good luck, esp. marriage
to attract people's affection / charming / delightful
(neologism c. 2012) (slang) to become a stepfather when one's partner turns out to be pregnant with a child she conceived with another lover
delighted / with great joy / in high spirits
to be wild with joy (idiom)
Wenxi county in Yuncheng 運城|运城, Shanxi
crying tears of joy (idiom)
to be secretly delighted
two simultaneous happy events in the family
immeasurably self-satisfied
to be pleased beyond one's expectations (idiom) / overjoyed at the turn of events
to congratulate
charming / attractive / delightful
grinning from ear to ear (idiom) / beaming with happiness
worthy of celebration / gratifying / Congratulations!
temperamental / moody
to have mixed feelings (about sth)
pleased / happy
overjoyed at unexpected good news (idiom)
welcome fall of rain / seasonable rain
congratulations on house-moving or promotion (idiom); Best wishes for your new home!
wedding car / carriage for collecting the bride
La Comédie humaine, series of novels by 19th century French novelist Honoré de Balzac 巴爾扎克|巴尔扎克
Xide county in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture 涼山彞族自治州|凉山彝族自治州, south Sichuan
wedding invitation
unable to contain one's joy (idiom)
hidden smile / smirk / to rejoice covertly / secret satisfaction concerning one's evil plans
(neologism c. 2018) to be thrilled to receive / to excitedly take delivery of
Xide county in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture 涼山彞族自治州|凉山彝族自治州, south Sichuan
face light up with delight (idiom); to beam with joy
(Buddhism) to be moved at the sight of good deeds / to join in charitable deeds / to tour temples
joy from heaven (idiom); overjoyed at unexpected good news / unlooked-for happy event
Wenxi county in Yuncheng 運城|运城, Shanxi
to report only the good news, not the bad news / to hold back unpleasant news / to sweep bad news under the carpet
weddings and funerals
to tie the knot (idiom) / to get married
lit. to like the new, and hate the old (idiom); fig. enamored with new people (e.g. new girlfriend), bored with the old
heliophile / tending towards the sun / heliotropism
Thank you for your congratulations! / The same to you! (returning a compliment)
to rejoice in grandiose deeds / to strive to achieve extraordinary things
ecstasy / rapt
likes and dislikes
to congratulate
(of news etc) so thrilling that everyone is rejoicing and spreading the word (Internet slang) / acronym from 喜聞樂見|喜闻乐见, 大快人心, 普天同慶|普天同庆 and 奔走相告
happy / joyful
lit. seeing others go hunting, one is excited by memories of the thrill of the hunt (idiom) / fig. seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again
double happiness cakes, pastries offered by a man to his fiancée's family at the time of their engagement
gregarious (ornithology)
matron of honor (old)
to have morning sickness during pregnancy / to have a strong appetite for certain foods (during pregnancy)
mixed feelings of grief and joy
joyful / happy
to accept criticism gladly (humble expr.) / to be happy when one's errors are pointed out
(bird species of China) azure-winged magpie (Cyanopica cyanus)
to jump for joy
red-painted eggs, traditional celebratory gift on third day after birth of new baby
to laugh / laughter
tip given on a happy occasion (traditional)
bridal veil (covering the face)

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