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to sing a song
(slang) to sing karaoke
  *唱* | 唱* | *唱
to sing / to call loudly / to chant
sung performance / to sing for an audience
chorus / to chorus
to sing
gramophone record / LP / music CD / musical album / CL: 張|张
chorus / choir
speaking and singing, as in various forms of storytelling such as 彈詞|弹词 and 相聲|相声 / (music) rapping
to sing and play (plucked string instrument)
(in singing) solo / to solo
to sing loudly / fig. to mouth slogans
in duet / answering phrase / antiphonal answer
to hum / to croon
to sing opera arias without staging, costume or makeup / to sing a cappella
singing skill
to perform in opera
vocal music (in opera) / aria
antiphon (i.e. solo voice answered by chorus) / sung reply (in agreement with first voice) / to reply with a poem in the same rhythm
to pass on a song
to express a different view / to take a different position
turntable / gramophone record
aria (in opera)
to sing in unison
singing style / singing method
to echo one another (idiom)
libretto; lyrics
vocal accompaniment / to accompany a singer / to support of sb / to echo sb / to chime in with sb
to lip-sync (singing)
fig. the man sings and the woman follows / fig. marital harmony
to lead a chorus / choirmaster / leading singer
to put on a rival show (idiom); to set oneself up against sb / to get into confrontation
cover song / to cover a song
to read ballot slips out loud
opera libretto
round (music) / canon
pickup (carrying gramophone needle)
stylus (gramophone needle)
gramophone / record player
gramophone / record player
most perfect song
to chant / to recite
fiction comes true / play-acting that turns into reality
lit. whatever mountain one is on, one should sing its songs (idiom) / fig. when in Rome, do as the Romans do
one's ability to give a convincing performance of a song
to answer respectfully "yes"
(old) to bow and utter polite phrases / to open the way (for a dignitary etc)
to recite loudly / to sing out
to sing a song
to play the role of the villain (idiom)
gramophone record; LP
lit. to sing “The Empty City Stratagem” (idiom) / fig. to put up a bluff to conceal one's weakness / (jocular) (of a place etc) to be empty / (of one's stomach) to be rumbling
to play the role of the hero (idiom) / to play the good cop
tone-arm (tracking arm of gramophone)
to express pessimistic views about (sth)
lit. to sing a duet / fig. to collaborate with sb / also used satirically: to play second fiddle to
to sing the high part / to speak fine sounding but empty words (idiom)
erhua variant of 唱高調|唱高调
to play the role of the strict parent (or superior etc)
cantata / chorus
to chorus sb else's lead (idiom); to chime in in agreement
scat singing
song contest
Eurovision Song Contest
vocal recital or concert
compact disk / CD / CL: , 張|张
a cappella (music)
Universal Records
(of a singer) autograph session / record signing event
bel canto
jukebox / nickelodeon
KTV hostess
KTV hostess
gramophone / record player
pickup (of a record player)
loud songs reaches the clouds (idiom); fig. to praise to the skies
Yellow River Cantata (1939) by Xian Xinghai 冼星海

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