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  *咕* | 咕* | *咕
(onom.) for the sound of a bird, an empty stomach etc
(onom.) to rumble (of a stomach) / to coo (of a dove) / rumbling / noisy drinking sound
splash / (onom.) for heavy things falling down
sweet and sour meat (pork)
to murmur / to mumble / to grumble / to mutter
to mutter / to feel apprehensive
pitch-black / pitch-dark
to hesitate / to have second thoughts / to be concerned / to brood (over sth) / to complain
(onom.) to mutter / to mumble / to whisper
(onom.) whisper
(onom.) to jabber / to rumble
sound made by an empty stomach
to whisper / to mutter
to wink at
to connect / to discuss
to toss aside / to misplace
to wriggle about / to move around
to stir up behind sb's back / to incite secretly
to discuss (dialect)
sweet and sour meat (pork)
to disturb (dialect)

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