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to greet sb by word or action / to give prior notice
to call / to address as / appellation
  *呼* | 呼* | *呼
to call / to cry / to shout / to breath out / to exhale
  *呼* | 呼* | *呼
variant of / to shout / to call out
to cheer for / to acclaim
to call out to / to greet / to say hello to / to inform / to take care of / to take care that one does not
(onom.) sound of the wind or the breathing of sb who is sound asleep
to cry out in alarm or surprise
to notify sb of a call / to call sb to the phone
to shout loudly
panting with rage
to issue a call for action / to raise one's hand and issue a rousing call (idiom)
alas / alack / welladay / wellaway / to die
variant of 熱乎|热乎
to die (idiom) / to breathe one's last / to give up the ghost
to call loudly (idiom); to get people's attention / to make one's views known
variant of 肉乎乎
variant of 黑糊糊
to make a clarion call / to make a public appeal
to snore
to shout (orders)
to shout loudly / to bawl / to vociferate / rumpus / uproar
bluster / ruckus / to boast loudly
weak and indecisive
Bayan Mandahu, village in Bayan Nur 巴彥淖爾|巴彦淖尔, Inner Mongolia, noted for Cretaceous dinosaur fossils

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