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to sample / to taste / to appreciate / one's taste (i.e. in music, literature, fashion, food and drink etc) / good taste
  *味* | 味* | *味
taste / smell / classifier for drugs (in TCM)
a person's preferences / tastes (in food) / flavor
fun / interest / delight / taste / liking / preference
delicious / delicious food / delicacy
distinctive flavor / distinctive style
taste / flavor / feeling
seasoning / condiment / flavoring / dressing / essences
authentic taste / plain cooked / natural flavor (without spices and seasonings)
meaning / implication / flavor / overtone / to mean / to imply / (Tw) to get a sense of
to reflect on / to ponder over / aftertaste
odor / scent
(slang) intense / hardcore
fragrance / bouquet / sweet smell / CL:
food prepared by stewing in soy sauce and spices
blindly / invariably
to think sth over
to ruminate / to ponder subtleties
bitter taste / bitterness
bad smell / foul odor
tasteless / odorless
implicit charm in rhyme or sound / hinted appeal / interest
whet the appetite
human warmth / friendliness / human touch
to be jealous / to envy
umami, one of the five basic tastes (cookery)
to be upset / to feel disgusted
lit. just the right flavor / just right / just the thing / excellent
the five flavors, namely: sweet , sour , bitter , spicy hot , salty 鹹|咸 / all kinds of flavors
David (name)
garlic odor
tasty / to be absorbed in sth / interesting
sweetness / sweet taste
smell of alcohol / flavoring of rum or other liquor in food / aroma or nose (of wine)
body odor / to appreciate a subtle taste
to savor / to relish
thought-provoking / worth thinking over / to provide food for thought
strange odor
foul smell
siu mei / spit-roasted meat dish in Cantonese cuisine
acerbic (taste) / astringent
interest / taste
to lose flavor
circumstances / atmosphere / mood
with keen interest pleasure (idiom); with gusto / to relish / eagerly / with great interest
feeling / flavor / sense
monotonous / dull / tedious (idiom)
to lose flavor
tired of / fed up / sick / (of a person) to annoy / tiresome
to have quite a lasting charm
exotic delicacies / luxury foodstuff from distant locations
game / wild animals and birds hunted for food or sport
to improve taste / to make sth palatable
Western taste / Western style
Subway (fast food restaurant)
Beijing flavor / Beijing style
worth tasting / you should try it
delicacy and fine taste (idiom); a wonderful treat
variant of 滷味|卤味
to become tainted with the smell of sth else / to pick up an odor
original / authentic
to be lacking in human character
tedious / dreary
lit. to eat without tasting the food / worried or downhearted (idiom)
dull / insipid
dull and insipid
insipid and tasteless (idiom)

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