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surroundings / environment / to encompass
thoughtful / considerate / attentive / thorough / also pr. [zhou1 dao5]
periphery / rim / surroundings / all around / perimeter / peripheral (computing) / spin-offs
anniversary / annual
period / cycle
to rotate / to circulate (cash, stock etc) / turnover / circulation / cash flow
careful / thorough / meticulous / dense / impenetrable
twists and turns / vicissitude / complication / difficulty / effort / CL:
  *周* | 周* | *周
surname Zhou / Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BC)
  *周* | 周* | *周
to make a circuit / to circle / circle / circumference / lap / cycle / complete / all / all over / thorough / to help financially
  *周* | 周* | *周
week / weekly / variant of
every week
one full year (e.g. on child's first birthday)
Duke of Zhou (11th c. BC), son of King Wen of Zhou 周文王, played an important role as regent in founding the Western Zhou 西周, and is also known as the "God of Dreams"
prefecture level city in east Henan 河南
as everyone knows (idiom)
weekly publication
weekly publication
Jay Chou (1979-), Taiwanese pop star
next week
Zhou Enlai (1898-1976), Chinese communist leader, prime minister 1949-1976
life cycle
another name for Book of Changes (I Ching) 易經|易经
perimeter / circumference
variant of 周長|周长
Stephen Chow (1962-), Hong Kong actor, comedian, screenwriter and film director, known for his mo lei tau 無厘頭|无厘头 movies
Zhoukou, prefecture-level city in east Henan 河南
comprehensive / thorough / to bring one's help / to assist
all around
whole body
once a week
Zhouzhuang, old canal town between Shanghai and Suzhou, tourist attraction
to travel around / to tour / to cross
variant of 周遊|周游, to tour / to travel around
variant of 周遊|周游, to tour / to travel around
History of Zhou of the Northern Dynasties, twelfth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, compiled under Linghu Defen 令狐德棻 in 636 during Tang Dynasty, 50 scrolls
adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)
(math.) the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter (π)
periodic / periodicity (math) / cyclicity
Western Zhou (1027-771 BC)
Zhouzhi county in Xi'an 西安, Shaanxi
see 周到
Premier Zhou Enlai 周恩來|周恩来 (1898-1976)
Chow Yun-Fat (1955-), Hong Kong TV and film star
Newsweek magazine
Newsweek magazine / also written 新聞周刊|新闻周刊
surrounding / nearby
Eastern Zhou (770-221 BC)
lit. the cycle comes back to the start (idiom); to move in circles / the wheel comes full circle
periodontitis (gum disorder)
Zhoucun district of Zibo city 淄博市, Shandong
Xia, Shang and Zhou, the earliest named Chinese dynasties
periodic function
same as Zhuangzi 莊子|庄子 (369-286 BC), Daoist author
Wakin Chau (1960-), HK-born Taiwanese singer and actor
development cycle / development period / also written 開發週期|开发周期
development cycle / development period
Zhou Dynasty / Western Zhou 西周 (1046-771 BC) and Eastern Zhou 東周|东周 (770-221 BC)
Southern Weekend (newspaper)
Quzhou county in Handan 邯鄲|邯郸, Hebei
Lhünzhub county, Tibetan: Lhun grub rdzong in Lhasa 拉薩|拉萨, Tibet
Have a nice weekend!
to mix with others / to socialize / to deal with / to contend
Zhouning county in Ningde 寧德|宁德, Fujian
Zhou Xuan (1918-1957), Chinese singer and film actress
Zhouzhi county in Xi'an 西安, Shaanxi
Western Zhou (1045-771 BC) and Eastern Zhou (770-256 BC)
Zhou dynasty (1046-221 BC)
to have financial difficulties / unable to make ends meet
Quzhou county in Handan 邯鄲|邯郸, Hebei
cell cycle
Zhouzhuang, old canal town between Shanghai and Suzhou, tourist attraction
Golden Week, two 7-day national holiday periods
Zhoucun district of Zibo city 淄博市, Shandong
the Zhou family (household, firm etc) / Jow-Ga Kung Fu - Martial Art
to travel around the world
the Rites of Zhou (in Confucianism)
Zhou Shuren, the real name of author Lu Xun 魯迅|鲁迅
Zhoukoudian prehistoric site in Fangshan district 房山區|房山区, Beijing
to take great pains / to go to a lot of trouble
the Northern Zhou Dynasty (557-581) / one of the Northern Dynasties
fig. with the connivance of both sides / fig. by mutual consent / cf Wu patriot Huang Gai submits to mock beating at the hands of General Zhou Yu to deceive Cao Cao 曹操 before the 208 battle of Redcliff 赤壁之戰|赤壁之战
well known
meticulous / thorough / comprehensive / complete / detailed
Later Zhou of the Five Dynasties (951-960), centered on Shandong and Hebei, with capital at Kaifeng 開封|开封
weekly salary
spin-off merchandise
revolving fund / working capital / petty cash / turnover
Zhou Zuoren (1885-1967), brother of Lu Xun 魯迅|鲁迅, academic in Japanese and Greek studies, briefly imprisoned after the war as Japanese collaborator, persecuted and died of unknown causes during the Cultural Revolution
Buzhou Mountain, a mountain from Chinese legend
Zhou Yongkang (1942-), PRC petroleum engineer and politician
Zhou Ji (1781-1839), Qing writer and poet
help to the needy / emergency relief / charity / to give to poorer relative / (also 賙濟|赒济)

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