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  *听* | 听* | *听
to listen / to hear / to obey / a can (loanword from English "tin") / classifier for canned beverages
to ask about / to make some inquiries / to ask around
to listen attentively
  *听* | 听* | *听
smile (archaic)
  *听* | 听* | *听
(literary pronunciation, still advocated in Taiwan) to rule / to sentence / to allow
pleasant to hear
to listen to (a radio broadcast)
audition / to give sb an audition / to check by listening
to listen (respectfully)
to monitor / to listen in / to eavesdrop
pleasant to listen to
to answer the phone
to visit (a meeting, class, trial etc)
to eavesdrop / to wiretap
Walkman (trademark) / portable stereo
unpleasant to hear / coarse / vulgar / offensive / shameful
to eavesdrop / to tap (telephone conversations) / to intercept and investigate
to make inquiries / to try to find out / to pry
to eavesdrop / to monitor (secretly)
pleasant to hear (i.e. agreeable news) / to one's liking / music to one's ears / Taiwan pr. [zhong4 ting1]
double hearing / diplacusis
to listen with respectful attention / (a polite request to sb to speak) / we are all ears
to obscure the facts (idiom); to mislead the public with prevarication and deliberate falsehoods
frightening words to scare people (idiom); alarmist talk / reds under the beds
to listen carefully
to listen carefully (for tiny sounds)
to speak in a pleasant and captivating manner (idiom)
to shut one's eyes and stop one's ears / out of touch with reality / to bury one's head in the sand
hard of hearing
selective listening (linguistics)
to listen to the ideas of others with an open mind (idiom)
nice to hear / worth listening to
hard of hearing / hearing-impaired
to listen attentively
to prick up one's ear and listen carefully
refusing to listen to advice or remonstrance / incorrigible
to allow (sb to act arbitrarily) / to let sb have his head
unwarranted talk the listener can take or leave (idiom); sth not to be taken too seriously
to startle sb with scary tale

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