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  *听* | 听* | *听
to listen / to hear / to obey / a can (loanword from English "tin") / classifier for canned beverages
to ask about / to make some inquiries / to ask around
to listen attentively
  *听* | 听* | *听
smile (archaic)
  *听* | 听* | *听
(literary pronunciation, still advocated in Taiwan) to rule / to sentence / to allow
pleasant to hear
hearing / listening ability
to hear (sth said) / one hears (that) / hearsay / listening and speaking
to listen to (a radio broadcast)
audition / to give sb an audition / to check by listening
to listen (respectfully)
to attend a class / to go to a lecture
to hear
to hear
to monitor / to listen in / to eavesdrop
pleasant to listen to
to sound like
to answer the phone
to hear (news) / to listen to
to attend a lecture / to listen to a talk
(of a pupil) to write down (in a dictation exercise) / dictation / (music) to transcribe by ear
to listen / to hear what sb says / news one has heard
audience / listeners
sense of hearing / auditory
unable to make sense of what one is hearing
to do what one is told / obedient
to listen to stories / to listen to performance of 說書|说书 storytelling
to understand (on hearing) / to catch (what is spoken)
to visit (a meeting, class, trial etc)
to listen and obey / to comply with / to heed / to hearken
hearing aid
to eavesdrop / to wiretap
Walkman (trademark) / portable stereo
can't hear
to understand (by hearing) / to catch (what sb says)
telephone receiver / headphone / earphone / earpiece / stethoscope
to listen to information / to get the news / to believe what one hears
unpleasant to hear / coarse / vulgar / offensive / shameful
gossip / hearsay / rumor
not be able to hear
(legislative) hearing
to eavesdrop / to tap (telephone conversations) / to intercept and investigate
to obey an order / to take orders / to accept a state of affairs
not to listen / to be deaf to
listening comprehension
to make inquiries / to try to find out / to pry
to eavesdrop / to monitor (secretly)
to wait for (orders, a decision, a judgment)
worth hearing a hundred times
to sound (difficult, worthwhile etc) / to seem
listener / member of audience
to mishear
to attend a meeting (and hear what is discussed)
pleasant to hear (i.e. agreeable news) / to one's liking / music to one's ears / Taiwan pr. [zhong4 ting1]
lit. to believe in the rain on hearing the wind (idiom) / to believe rumors / to be credulous
double hearing / diplacusis
lit. the eyes watch six roads and the ears listen in all directions / to be observant and alert (idiom)
shocking / horrifying / atrocious / terrible
to attend an opera / to see an opera
to judge (i.e. to hear and pass judgment in a law court) / to hear and decide
tapping device / bug
to listen with respectful attention / (a polite request to sb to speak) / we are all ears
fed up of hearing
Take what you hear to be false, only believe it when you see it (idiom). Don't believe what people tell you until you see if for yourself. / It ain't necessarily so.
to obscure the facts (idiom); to mislead the public with prevarication and deliberate falsehoods
to attend court / to take part in a trial
listening to the words of a wise man can be superior to studying ten years of books (proverb)
frightening words to scare people (idiom); alarmist talk / reds under the beds
to hear but not react (idiom); to turn a deaf ear / to ignore deliberately
ossicles (of the middle ear) / three ossicles, acting as levers to amplify sound, namely: stapes or stirrup bone 鐙骨|镫骨, incus or anvil bone 砧骨, malleus or hammer bone 錘骨|锤骨
listener (of a radio program etc)
evidence of material seen and heard / oral testimony
to submit to the will of heaven / to resign oneself to fate / to trust to luck
hear what he says and observe what he does (idiom, from Analects); judge a person not by his words, but by his actions
audience (Tw)
(idiom) ignore your elders at your peril
to see, hear and obey (idiom); to take advice / to take sb at his word
to listen carefully
to hear clearly
to listen carefully (for tiny sounds)
hear what he says and observe what he does (idiom, from Analects); judge a person not by his words, but by his actions
to sensationalize (idiom); deliberate exaggeration to scare people
to take a laissez-faire attitude
to sound (old, foreign, exciting, right etc) / to ring (true) / to sound as if (i.e. to give the listener an impression) / to hear from somewhere
to speak in a pleasant and captivating manner (idiom)
to let things take their course / to take things as they come
demo recording (music)
lit. to govern from behind the curtain / to rule in place of the emperor (idiom)
selective listening / to hear what one wants to hear
to shut one's eyes and stop one's ears / out of touch with reality / to bury one's head in the sand
to let (sth happen) / to allow (sb to do sth) / to submit to / to yield
to disobey
hard of hearing
surface of wall
selective listening (linguistics)
to allow (sb to do as he pleases)
to listen to the next chapter for an explanation

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