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to wolf down one's food (idiom); to devour ravenously / to gorge oneself
to hum and haw (idiom); to mumble as if hiding sth / to speak and break off, then start again / to hold sth back
  *吞* | 吞* | *吞
to swallow / to take
to swallow / to engulf / to gobble up
to take in and send out (in large quantities)
to devour
to swallow / to gulp
to embezzle / to swallow up / to engulf
to annex
very slow / exasperatingly slow
to swallow / to take (medicine)
to submit to humiliation (idiom); to suffer in silence / to swallow one's anger / to grin and bear it
to annex / to swallow (up) / to embezzle
dysphagia (medicine)
to hog / to keep everything for oneself
tuna (loanword)
to swallow whole (idiom); fig. to apply uncritically
to swallow clouds and blow out fog (idiom) / to blow cigarette or opium smoke
to swallow in one gulp (idiom) / (fig.) to accept without thinking / to lap up
to commit suicide by swallowing gold
phagocyte (cell that ingests and destroys foreign matter)
to devour
tuna (loanword)
to misappropriate (public funds etc) / to embezzle
to swallow up / to annex / to merge
to swallow semen
to swallow one's cries
phagocytosis (ingesting and destroying foreign matter)
(linguistics) elision
to absorb
Baton Rouge, capital of Louisiana
to swallow whole / (fig.) to swallow (lies etc)
belching and acid swallowing (medical term)
putrid belching with regurgitation of stomach acid (medical term)
to harbor a grudge with deep-seated hatred (idiom)
microphage (a type of white blood cell)
a man who is never content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant (idiom)
Tunmi Sanghuzha (6th century AD), originator of the Tibetan script
very slow

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