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  *君* | 君* | *君
monarch / lord / gentleman / ruler
Teresa Teng (1953-1995), Taiwanese pop idol
Lord of the East, the sun God of Chinese mythology
Wang Zhaojun (52-19 BC), famous beauty at the court of Han emperor Yuan 漢元帝|汉元帝, one of the four legendary beauties 四大美女
incapable ruler
Gentlemen! (start of a speech) / Ladies and Gentlemen!
tyrant / despot
regicide / to commit regicide
heir apparent to a throne
the lord of Lu (who declined to employ Confucius)
Laozi or Lao-tze (c. 500 BC), Chinese philosopher, the founder of Taoism / the sacred book of Daoism, 道德經|道德经 by Laozi
Yijun County in Tongchuan 銅川|铜川, Shaanxi
Lord Menchang of Qi, Chancellor of Qi and of Wei during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC)
the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea (mythology)
my husband and master (archaic) / playboy of rich family / pimp
king of hell / Yama
Zaoshen, the god of the kitchen / also written 灶神
Tangun, legendary founder of Korea in 2333 BC
homosexual (positive term)
ideal husband / "Mr. Right"
Ma Fujun, famous general of Zhao 趙國|赵国
my late father / my ancestors / the late emperor
spirit of the planet Mars
(honorific) your father

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