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famous / well-known
famous / noted / well-known / celebrated
to give a name to / to dub / to christen / to designate / named after / naming
  *名* | 名* | *名
name / noun (part of speech) / place (e.g. among winners) / famous / classifier for people
to rank (1st, 2nd etc) / ranking
to sign up / to enter one's name / to apply / to register / to enroll / to enlist
surname and given name / full name
username / user ID
real-name (registration etc) / non-anonymous
domain name (computing)
alias / alternative name
well-known / famous
to sign (one's name with a pen etc) / to autograph / signature
to nominate
name of a book / reputation as calligrapher
original name
to make one's name / to become famous
to change one's name
to name / to be named / to christen / to seek fame
anonymous (author)
well-known / famous / renowned / eminent
to change name
to sign (a signature)
Maoming prefecture-level city in Guangdong
jointly (signed, declared, sponsored)
indescribable / ineffable
to name / to christen / to take a name
of the same name / homonymous / self-titled (album)
famous reputation
roll call / to mention sb by name / (to call or praise or criticize sb) by name
bad name / evil reputation
well-known for sth / to become well known / to make one's mark
name of product / brand name
pen name / pseudonym
original name / real name / personal name
to get one's name / named (after sth)
place name / toponym
autograph / to sign one's name
translated names / transliteration
to enquire, according to custom, after the name and horoscope of intended bride / one of a set of six traditional marriage protocols (六禮|六礼), in which name as well as date and time of birth (for horoscope) are formally requested of the prospective bride's family
all names
movie title
scientific name / Latin name (of plant or animal) / (according to an old system of nomenclature) on entering school life, a formal personal name given to new students
star name
hostname (of a networked computer)
nameless / obscure
to use an alias / assumed name / pseudonym
personal name
to win top marks in the imperial examinations
renowned / a great name
stage name (of an actor or actress)
to be known far and wide / to be well-known
world-famous (idiom)
to leave one's name / to leave behind a reputation / to be remembered (in history)
illustrious / prominent / prestigious / well-known
criminal charge / accusation
to enjoy a reputation
false reputation
to admire sb's reputation / to seek out famous person or location
false name / pseudonym / alias / pen name / the Japanese kana scripts / hiragana 平假名 and katakana 片假名
infamy / blackened name
equally famous
to become famous / to become notorious
world famous
unnamed / unidentified
pet name for a child / infant name
name of county
world famous
reputation / declaration
to replace the current name or title of sth with a new one that reflects its true nature / rectification of names (a tenet of Confucian philosophy)
(of a document) not bearing a name / unregistered (financial securities etc) / bearer (bond) / secret (ballot etc) / anonymous / unattributed (remarks) / (of a check) payable to the bearer
untitled / unnamed / no name / nameless / unknown name
famous / celebrated
(Tw) popular given name (one that will turn many heads if you shout it at a marketplace)
pet name for a child / childhood name
to strike off (the rolls) / to remove from a list / to expunge / to expel
bad reputation / stigma
to sign / to put one's name to
fame for fighting prowess / military glory
seasoned / honed to perfection over centuries / special reserve
to conceal one's identity / living incognito
xing-ming, a school of thought of the Warring States period associated with Shen Buhai 申不害 / the designation for a punishment
first place / leader (of a race)
middle name / second given name
good name or reputation
to have an undeserved reputation (idiom)
an impostor / to impersonate
with an undeserved reputation (idiom); unwarranted fame / nowhere near as good as he's made out to be
scholarly honor (in imperial exams) / rank / achievement / fame / glory
to mention by name / to designate / designated
I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time (idiom)
name of job in Imperial bureaucracy / official position
vernacular name / lay name (of a priest)
name of country
lit. to have sufficient reason to send troops (idiom) / to do something with good reason / to have just cause
with an undeserved reputation (idiom); unwarranted fame / nowhere near as good as he's made out to be
"Shiming", late Han dictionary, containing 1502 entries, using puns on the pronunciation of headwords to explain their meaning

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