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history / CL: 門|门,
  *史* | 史* | *史
surname Shi
  *史* | 史* | *史
history / annals / title of an official historian in ancient China
since the beginning of history
in history
historical / in history
historical development / background
literature and history
historical museum
to learn from history (idiom)
long-established / time-honored
historical material or data
cultural history
historical background
Snoopy (comic strip pet dog)
historical person
Smith (name)
Snoopy (comic strip pet dog)
a brief history
history of the Party
earth history / geological history
an epic / poetic saga
History of the Jurchen Jin Dynasty, twenty second of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, composed under Toktoghan 脫脫|脱脱 in 1345 during the Yuan Dynasty , 135 scrolls
historical standpoint
romance (loanword) / love affair
historical edition / revision history (of a web page)
all-time high
History of the Northern Dynasties, fifteenth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, compiled by Li Yanshou 李延壽|李延寿 in 659 during Tang Dynasty, 100 scrolls
Records of the Grand Historian, by 司馬遷|司马迁, first of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史
Straw (name) / Jack Straw (1946-), UK Labour Party politician, foreign secretary 2001-2006
historic significance
historical incident
natural history (i.e. botany and zoology)
history of literature
modern history (for China, from the Opium Wars until the fall of the Qing Dynasty, i.e. mid-19th to early 20th century)
Stanford (University) / also written 斯坦福
history book
history written in blood / epic period of struggle and sacrifice
narrative history / comprehensive history / a history covering an extended period
provincial governor (old)
ancient history
history of science
Swaziland (Tw)
imperial censor (formal title of a dynastic official)
historical remains / historic monuments
to look back at history
grand scribe (official position in many Chinese states up to the Han)
Steven, Stephen (name)
the 24 or 25 official dynastic histories / true history, as opposed to fictional adaptation or popular legends
historical drama
Steve (male name)
intellectual history
Grand Scribe, the title by which Sima Qian 司馬遷|司马迁 refers to himself in Records of the Historian 史記|史记
History of Kingdom Lu / refers to the Spring and Autumn Annals 春秋
historical fact
Stanford University
historical point of view / historically speaking
Strauss (name) (Tw) / Johann Strauss (1825-1899), Austrian composer / Richard Strauss (1864-1949), German composer
History of the Song Dynasty, twentieth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, composed under Toktoghan 脫脫|脱脱 in 1345 during the Yuan Dynasty , 496 scrolls / (not to be confused with 宋書|宋书)
historical biography
History of the Five Dynasties, eighteenth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, compiled under Xue Juzheng 薛居正 in 974 during Northern Song 北宋, 150 scrolls
An-Shi Rebellion (755-763) of 安祿山|安禄山 and 史思明, a catastrophic setback for Tang dynasty
national history / dynastic history
History of the Liao Dynasty, twenty first of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, composed under Toktoghan 脫脫|脱脱 in 1345 during the Yuan Dynasty , 116 scrolls
GlaxoSmithKline, British pharmaceutical company
unofficial history / history as popular legends
Stallone (name) / Sylvester Stallone (1946-), American actor
Steve Jobs (1955-2011), US co-founder and CEO of Apple, Inc.
history of philosophy
"A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking
The Scholars, Qing dynasty novel by Wu Jingzi 吳敬梓|吴敬梓, an extended satire on the Imperial Examination system
Concise History of the Chinese Novel by Lu Xun 鲁迅
contemporary history
heritage / historical legacy
History of the Yuan Dynasty, twenty third of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, compiled under Song Lian 宋濂 in 1370 during the Ming Dynasty, 210 scrolls
annal / historical record / CL: 筆|笔
modern history
Stacy (name)
historical records
political history
scribe / court recorder / historian / historiographer
Arnold Schwarzenegger / also written 阿諾德·施瓦辛格|阿诺德·施瓦辛格
Shi Siming (703-761), non-Han military man and colleague of An Lushan 安祿山|安禄山, eventually conspirator with him in the 755-763 An-Shi Rebellion 安史之亂|安史之乱 against the Tang dynasty
ancient history
Short History of Civilization, late Qing novel by Li Boyuan 李伯元 or Li Baojia 李寶嘉|李宝嘉 describing the turmoil after the 1900 Eight-Nation Alliance 八國聯軍|八国联军
Staples Inc., US office supply store
historical period
history of art
official in charge of public records
lit. reputation will go down in history (idiom); fig. achievements will earn eternal glory
ancient history

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