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ancient times / olden times
historical sites and scenic spots
curio / antique
strange / weird / eccentric / bizarre
Inner Mongolia / abbr. for 內蒙古自治區|内蒙古自治区, Inner Mongolia autonomous region
  *古* | 古* | *古
surname Gu
  *古* | 古* | *古
ancient / old / paleo-
Inner Mongolia autonomous region, abbr. 內蒙古|内蒙古, capital Hohhot 呼和浩特市
the distant past / ancient times / antiquity / early historical times
ancient city
to return to old ways (a Confucian aspiration) / to turn back the clock / neoclassical school during Tang and Song associated with classical writing 古文 / retro (fashion style based on nostalgia, esp. for 1960s)
old style / old custom / a pre-Tang Dynasty genre of poetry aka 古體詩|古体诗
ancient costume / period costume (in movies etc)
Inner Mongolia University
ancient text / antique books
old verse / Classical Chinese poem
antique / curio
Sino-Cuban / China-Cuba
medieval / Middle Ages / Chinese middle antiquity, 3rd to 9th centuries, including Sui and Tang Dynasties / Middle (of a language, e.g. Middle English) / used / second-hand
antiquity / ancient times
old tomb (archaeology)
classical music
then and now / ancient and modern
(since) ancient times / (from) time immemorial
ancient / old / age-old
zither or guzheng / large zither with 13 to 25 strings, developed from guqin 古琴 during Tang and Song times
people from ancient times / the ancients / the late (i.e. person who has passed away)
pseudo-classical / modeled on antique / in the old style
interesting and appealing (of old locations, objects etc)
old language / the Classics / Classical Chinese as a literary model, esp. in Tang and Song prose / Classical Chinese as a school subject
Guwen Guanzhi, an anthology of essays written in Literary Chinese, compiled and edited by Wu Chucai and Wu Diaohou of Qing dynasty
Gujarat, state in west India
ancient Greece
places of historic interest / historical sites / CL: 個|个
at all times and in all places (idiom)
costume drama
Pangu (creator of the universe in Chinese mythology)
Gu Long (1938-1985), Taiwanese wuxia novelist and screenwriter
in ancient times / in olden days
ancient castle
for all eternity / throughout all ages / eternity (used in an elegiac couplet, wreath etc dedicated to the dead)
ancient Rome
crazy / bizarre / weird / fantastic / strange
since ancient times
Gutian county in Ningde 寧德|宁德, Fujian
Gucci (brand)
guqin or qin, a long zither with seven strings, plucked with the fingers
Nagoya, city in Japan
simple and unadorned (of art, architecture etc)
People's Republic of Mongolia (from 1924)
Mongol ethnic group of north China and Inner Mongolia
Tomb Raider (computer game)
antique store
Bo Gu (1907-1946), Soviet-trained Chinese Communist, journalist and propagandist, 1930s Left adventurist, subsequently rehabilitated, killed in air crash
ancient book / old book
ancient road / precepts of the antiquity
classical literature
Gulang county in Wuwei 武威, Gansu
gangster / hooligan / problem youth / at-risk youth
ancient capital
Mongolian language
ancient country
Dracula, novel by Bram Stoker / Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia (1431-1476), nicknamed Vlad the Impaler or Dracula
to recall the past / to cherish the memory of past events / to reminisce / nostalgic
Augusta (place name: capital of Maine, city in Georgia etc)
throughout time / from ancient times (up to the present)
chocolate (loanword) / CL: 塊|块
ancient language / old expression
weird / bizarre
Gujiao county level city in Taiyuan 太原, Shanxi
since ancient times / since times immemorial
Fenghuang Ancient Town, in Fenghuang County, Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan, added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2008 in the Cultural category
Gulin county in Luzhou 瀘州|泸州, Sichuan
Honggu District of Lanzhou City 蘭州市|兰州市, Gansu
old tea-horse road or southern Silk Road, dating back to 6th century, from Tibet and Sichuan through Yunnan and Southeast Asia, reaching to Bhutan, Sikkim, India and beyond
Lijiang old town (in Yunnan)
old coin
the men of today are sadly degenerated (idiom)
ancient prescription
bronze color
Gulin county in Luzhou 瀘州|泸州, Sichuan
Ergun county level city, Mongolian Ergüne xot, in Hulunbuir 呼倫貝爾|呼伦贝尔, Inner Mongolia
Guye district of Tangshan city 唐山市, Hebei
Weichang Manchu and Mongol autonomous county in Chengde 承德, Hebei
guru (loanword)
Guta district of Jinzhou city 錦州市|锦州市, Liaoning

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