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  *口* | 口* | *口
mouth / classifier for things with mouths (people, domestic animals, cannons, wells etc) / classifier for bites or mouthfuls
entrance / to import
an exit / CL: 個|个 / to speak / to export / (of a ship) to leave port
a person's preferences / tastes (in food) / flavor
to use as an excuse / excuse; pretext
population / people
appetite / liking
oral cavity
tone of voice / the way one speaks / manner of expression / tone
tasty; to taste good
port / harbor
oral / verbal
oral speech sounds (linguistics)
nick / jag / gap / shortfall
Yamaguchi (Japanese surname and place name) / Yamaguchi prefecture in southwest of Japan's main island Honshū 本州
mountain pass
pocket / bag / sack / CL: 個|个
public praise / public reputation / commonly held opinions / current idiom
mask (surgical etc)
readily / flatly (deny, admit and so on) / a mouthful / a bite
oral command / a word of command (used in drilling troops or gymnasts) / password (used by sentry)
crossing / intersection (of roads)
to import / imported / entrance / inlet (for the intake of air, water etc)
(speak) without thinking the matter through
to use as an excuse / on the pretext / excuse / pretext / also written 借口
happy knack for chancing upon fine food
Chengkou county in Wanzhou suburbs of north Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan
to scrape a meager living / to get by with difficulty
wound / cut
Noguchi (Japanese surname)
mnemonic chant / rhyme for remembering (arithmetic tables, character stroke order etc)
to open one's mouth (to eat, speak etc) / to gape / to start talking (esp. to make a request)
estuary / the mouth of a river
one breath / in one breath / at a stretch
doorway / gate / CL: 個|个
duplicity / hypocrisy (idiom)
dumbstruck (idiom); stupefied / stunned
entrance to mine
(loanword) talk show / stand-up comedy
oral examination / oral test
dumbstruck and unable to reply (idiom) / left speechless; at a loss for words
to kill sb to prevent them from divulging a secret / to silence sb
to close up / to heal (of wound) / to keep one's lips sealed
to dictate / to recount orally
Zen saying repeated as cant / (fig.) catchphrase / mantra / favorite expression / stock phrase
Dawukou district of Shizuishan city 石嘴山市, Ningxia
delicious / tasty
household register / household registration booklet / residence certificate
Dongkou county in Shaoyang 邵陽|邵阳, Hunan
cave mouth / tunnel entrance
Longkou, county-level city in Yantai 煙台|烟台, Shandong
Jiaokou county in Lüliang 呂梁|吕梁, Shanxi 山西
fresh and tasty
a full mouth of (sth physical) / to have the mouth exclusively filled with (a certain language, lies, promises, etc) / (to agree etc) unreservedly
to sigh
(Tw) household registration certificate (identity document)
to use one's mouth (to say sth)
Pukou district of Nanjing City 南京市 in Jiangsu 江蘇|江苏
colloquial speech / spoken language / vernacular language / slander / gossip / CL: 門|门
(road) intersection
to blab / to shoot one's mouth off / to commit a gaffe
hole / opening / cut / gap / gash / my husband or wife / classifier for people (used for indicating the number of people in a family etc) / precedent
population (counted as number of households for census or taxation) / registered residence / residence permit / (in Hong Kong and Macau) bank account
to change one's tune / to modify one's previous remark / to change the way one addresses sb (as when one marries and starts to call one's husband's parents 爸爸 and 媽媽|妈妈)
water outlet / drainage outlet
Xikou or Hsikou Township in Chiayi County 嘉義縣|嘉义县, west Taiwan
to stammer; to stutter / Taiwan pr. [kou3 ji2]
population density
tone of voice / connotation in intonation / accent (regional etc) / snout / muzzle / lips / protruding portion of an animal's face
Jingkou district of Zhenjiang city 鎮江市|镇江市, Jiangsu
oral sex / fellatio
oral sex
meaning behind the words / what sb really means to say / one's intentions as revealed in one's words / tone of speech
slogan / catchphrase / CL: 個|个
to be able to read aloud fluently / to be suitable (easy enough) for reading aloud
voice / accent
port city
earnest and well-meaning advice (idiom); to persuade patiently
dispute or misunderstanding caused by gossip / to talk sb round
tear or rupture / to have a tear (e.g. in one's clothes) / without restraint (e.g. of swearing)
one's own mouth / fig. in one's own words / to say sth personally
air vent / drafty place / wind gap (geology) / tuyere (furnace air nozzle) / (fig.) hot trend / fad
Zhoukoudian prehistoric site in Fangshan district 房山區|房山区, Beijing
Meihekou, county-level city in Tonghua 通化, Jilin
Laohekou, county-level city in Xiangfan 襄樊, Hubei
eloquent and fluent speaker (idiom); grandiloquence / the gift of the gab
to praise without cease (idiom); praise sb to high heaven
to blurt out; to let slip (an indiscreet remark)
to condemn in speech and in writing (idiom) / to denounce by word and pen
Hankou, part of Wuhan 武漢|武汉 at the junction of Han river and Changjiang in Hubei
mouth like a torrent (idiom) / eloquent / glib / voluble / have the gift of the gab
breach / split / rift / vent (volcanic crater)
agape and tongue-tied (idiom); at a loss for words / gaping and speechless

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