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change / variation / to change / to vary / CL: 個|个
to change / to alter / to transform
to change / to transform / shift / transformation / CL: 個|个
changes / vicissitudes
to develop / to evolve / development / evolution
an unforeseen event / accident / misfortune
to become
  *变* | 变* | *变
to change / to become different / to transform / to vary / rebellion
to change into / to turn into / to become
variable (math.)
to change / to alter / to modify
to change / to fluctuate / change / fluctuation
to change into
to metamorphose (biology) / abnormal / perverted / hentai / (slang) pervert
gradual change / (graphic design) gradient
deformation / to become deformed / to change shape / to morph
gearbox / transmission
constant / unvarying / (math.) invariant
to change speed / to shift gear / variable-speed
pathological changes / lesion / diseased (kidney, cornea etc)
to transform / to convert / to vary / to alternate / a transformation
Transformers (franchise)
frequency conversion
sudden change / mutation
to transform / to change
to transform / to morph / to degenerate / metamorphosis / transmutation / transformation / decay / degeneration
to denature / denaturation / to have a sex change / transsexual
to degenerate / to deteriorate / (of food) to go bad / to go off / (geology) metamorphism
in disguised form / covert
fickle / multi-variate (math.)
to turn hostile suddenly / face changing, a device of Sichuan Opera, a dramatic change of attitude expressing fright, anger etc
to change color / to discolor / to change countenance / to become angry
huge changes
to redden
to meet a contingency / to adapt oneself to changes
distortion / aberration
warming / changing to become warmer
great changes
power transformation
drag queen
change management (business)
to change irregularly / to fluctuate
chemical change / chemical transformation
variable (math.)
mutation / variety / variant
climate change
to sell off (one's property)
(math.) independent variable
reversing (e.g. electric current)
(transformer) substation
qualitative change / fundamental change
incident / unforeseen event / events (in general)
to darken
(photography) zoom / (optics) to adjust the focus
changeable situation (idiom)
gearbox / speed changer / gear
in an instant a myriad changes (idiom); rapid substantial change
genetic mutation
to appraise at the current rate
to change lanes
coup d'état
voice change (at puberty) / to alter one's voice (deliberately) / to sound different (when angry etc)
to soften
dependent variable
to change (appearance) / to change shape
to change shape in a single shake / fig. to take on a new lease of life
to perform magical tricks
marriage upheaval (infidelity, divorce etc) / marriage breakup
to darken
to change according to the situation (idiom); pragmatic
to disfigure
deformation / bending
rheostat (variable resistor)
(lit. and fig.) chameleon
to undergo change in weather / restoration of reactionary rule or the previous regime
to change the laws / political reform / unconventional method
turbulent situation / changing (face, scene, situation, world of etc)
pragmatic / flexible / to act differently in different situations / to accommodate to circumstances
to flow and change / development and change (of society)
to change dramatically / radical change
to defect / to betray / to mutiny
variable star
nothing much changes (idiom); always the same / stuck in a rut
global warming (PRC usage) / written 全球暖化 in Taiwan
improvisation / flexible / adaptable / pragmatic
countless changes / constant permutation
unpredictable / changeable
Xi'an Incident of 12th December 1936 (kidnap of Chiang Kai-shek 蔣介石|蒋介石)
invariant quantity / invariant (math.)
half-period of a wave motion / alternation
fusion (physics)
quantitative change
sexual perversion / sexual pervert

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