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  *參* | 參* | *參
three (banker's anti-fraud numeral)
  *參* | 參* | *參
to take part in / to participate / to join / to attend / to counsel / unequal / varied / irregular / uneven / not uniform / abbr. for 參議院|参议院 Senate, Upper House
  *參* | 參* | *參
  *參* | 參* | *參
ginseng / one of the 28 constellations
Zeng Shen (505-435 BC), a.k.a. 曾子, student of Confucius, presumed editor or author of Confucian classic the Great Learning 大學|大学
sea cucumber
(botany) red sage (Salvia miltiorrhiza)
restricted document, available only to certain individuals such as high-ranking Party officials (abbr. for 內部參考|内部参考) / (literary) palace eunuch
liquorice (Sophora flavescens), with roots used in TCM
American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius)
(computing) actual parameter; argument (abbr. for 實際參數|实际参数)
Ningpo figwort (Scrophularia ningpoensis) / root of Ningpo figwort (used in TCM)
ladybell root (Radix adenophorae)
Koryo ginseng
poor man's ginseng (Codonopsis pilosula) / codonopsis root (used in TCM)
senior staff officer; staff officer of great talent
Cao Can (-190 BC), second chancellor of Han Dynasty, contributed to its founding by fighting on Liu Bang's 劉邦|刘邦 side during the Chu-Han Contention 楚漢戰爭|楚汉战争 / also pr. [Cao2 Shen1]
to pass an argument (computing) (abbr. for 傳遞參數|传递参数)
Sichuan codonopsis (Codonopsis pilosula, root used in TCM)
hemlock (Conium maculatum)
American ginseng

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