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Secretary of State
  *卿* | 卿* | *卿
high ranking official (old) / term of endearment between spouses (old) / (from the Tang Dynasty onwards) term used by the emperor for his subjects (old) / honorific (old)
Yan Zhenqing (709-785), a leading calligrapher of the Tang Dynasty
Chief Justice of the Imperial Court of Judicial Review
the Nine Ministers (in imperial China)
to bill and coo (idiom) / to whisper sweet nothings to one another / to be very much in love
Xu Zhenqing (1479-1511), Ming writer, one of Four great southern talents of the Ming 江南四大才子
high-ranking officials in the court of a Chinese emperor
Cochin (in south India)
Minister of imperial stud, originally charged with horse breeding
if one is too calculating, it will be the cause of one's own undoing (famous line in "A Dream of Red Mansions" 紅樓夢|红楼梦)
Under Secretary of State
Minister of imperial stud, originally charged with horse breeding / same as 太僕寺卿|太仆寺卿
undersecretary of state
Guan Hanqing (c. 1235-c. 1300), Yuan dynasty dramatist in the 雜劇|杂剧 tradition of musical comedy, one of the Four Great Yuan dramatists 元曲四大家

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