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danger / dangerous
to jeopardize / to harm / to endanger / harmful effect / damage / CL: 個|个
crisis / CL: 個|个
hazardous materials
  *危* | 危* | *危
surname Wei
  *危* | 危* | *危
danger / to endanger / Taiwan pr. [wei2]
to endanger / to jeopardize / a danger (to life, national security etc)
financial crisis
endangered (species) / in imminent danger / critically ill
severe harm / critical danger
critically ill
Guatemala / see also 瓜地馬拉|瓜地马拉
safety and danger / safety
decrepit house
economic crisis
danger lurks on every side (idiom)
endangered species
critical / desperate (situation)
dangerous housing / building that is about to collapse
critically ill patient
imminent danger (idiom); approaching a crisis
to be critically ill / to be terminally ill
to think of danger in times of safety / to be vigilant in peacetime (idiom)
(idiom) to take on a leadership role at a time of crisis
present crisis / current crisis
in imminent peril (idiom) / on the brink of crisis
frightening words to scare people (idiom); alarmist talk / reds under the beds
subprime mortgage crisis / abbr. for 次級房屋信貸危機|次级房屋信贷危机
dying (from illness) / facing death / on one's deathbed
close to death / life-threatening (illness)
perilous situation
to sit upright and still (idiom)
to turn peril into safety (idiom); to avert a danger (esp. political or medical)
out of danger / to avoid danger
to take advantage of sb's precarious position
to help those in distress (idiom)
credit crisis
energy crisis
to take advantage of sb's difficulties (idiom)
monetary crisis
dangerous situation / venerable old age
to break out of a crisis
to help those in distress
precarious as pile of eggs (idiom); ready to fall and break at any moment / in a dangerous state
emergency risk
to risk one's life
credit crisis / see also 次貸危機|次贷危机
grave danger / in jeopardy / in a critical condition
Guatemalan (person)
at stake / in peril
to help people in distress
hazard assessment
hazard lights
(medicine) in a critical condition
in danger of collapse / in a parlous state / (of person) treacherous
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora / CITES
totally exhausted as result of overexertion (idiom)
mortgage crisis
steep and perilous path
to sacrifice one's life in a crisis
to help those in distress (idiom)
dangerous road
urgent / pressing danger
grave situation
upright and plainspoken (idiom)
deathly ill
afraid / apprehensive
to help people in difficulty and bring relief to the needy (idiom)
lit. the crisis of being hanged upside down (idiom); fig. extremely critical situation / dire straits
precarious as the morning dew (idiom); fig. ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence
precarious as morning dew (idiom); unlikely to last out the day
lit. the matter has become a pile of eggs (idiom); fig. at a critical juncture
subprime mortgage crisis
to startle sb with scary tale
latent hazard
national danger, but no support (idiom, from Analects); the future of the nation is at stake but no-one comes to the rescue
More moral strength increases one's safety, more power and influence increases one's danger (idiom, from Records of the Historian 史記|史记). cf Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it (William Pitt the Elder, 1770).

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