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credit card
Maizhokunggar county, Tibetan: Mal gro gung dkar rdzong in Lhasa 拉薩|拉萨, Tibet
Sri Lanka / (formerly) Ceylon
(of an employee) to clock on (or off) / to punch in (or out) / (on social media) to check in to a location
pickup (truck) (loanword)
checkpoint (for taxation, security etc) / barrier / hurdle / red tape / CL: 個|个,
Christmas card
(sports) wild card (loanword)
Pascal (name) / Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), French mathematician
sound card
Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh / (Tw) Dakar, capital of Senegal
magnetic card / IC Card (telephone)
to issue a card / (slang) to reject a guy or a girl / to chuck
burqa (loanword)
greeting card / congratulation card
Franz Kafka (1883-1924), Czech Jewish writer
Leica camera / Lycra (fiber or fabric)
graphics card
Jessica (name)
Acre, city in Israel, also known as Akko
to use a credit card (or swipe card, smart card etc)
thangka (Tibetan Buddhist scroll painting)
Casablanca (Morocco's economic capital)
network adapter card (computing)
New Year greeting card
Majorca (island of Spain)
permanent residency permit (originally referred specifically to the US green card)
(film industry) Oscar (Academy Award) / CL: 屆|届 / (name) Oscar
Lusaka, capital of Zambia
Salamanca, Spain
Topeka, capital of Kansas
Jessica (name)
polka (dance) (loanword)
Lucca (city in Tuscany)
Ivanka (name)
Ithaca, a Greek island / Ithaca NY, location of Cornell University 康奈爾|康奈尔
birthday card
Norbulingka (Tibetan: precious garden), summer residence of Dalai Lamas in Lhasa, Tibet
checkpoint / Taiwan pr. [gang3 ka3]
Cuenca (place name and surname)
Uesca or Huesca, Spain
border checkpoint
Lusaka, capital of Zambia (Tw)
kilocalorie (Kcal)
microSD card
maca (Lepidium meyenii)
border sentry post
mocha (loanword)
to share a card with sb (e.g. share a loyalty card to accumulate points and split the benefits)
  *卡* | 卡* | *卡
to stop / to block / (computing) (coll.) slow / (loanword) card / CL: 張|张, / truck (from "car") / calorie (abbr. for 卡路里) / cassette
  *卡* | 卡* | *卡
to block / to be stuck / to be wedged / customs station / a clip / a fastener / a checkpost / Taiwan pr. [ka3]
EasyCard (smart card used mainly for public transportation in Taiwan)
public transportation card / prepaid transit card / subway pass
debit card
stored-value card / prepaid card (telephone, transport etc)
debit card
rechargeable card / to recharge a card
lottery scratchcard
Hanukkah (Chanukah), 8 day Jewish holiday starting on the 25th day of Kislev (can occur from late Nov up to late Dec on Gregorian calendar) / also called 光明節|光明节 and 哈努卡節|哈努卡节
Hamilcar (c. 270-228 BC), Carthaginian statesman and general
graphics card
tarot card / Tarouca
Cheka, a Soviet secret police agency, forerunner of the KGB
memory card
Banja Luka (city in Bosnia)
bazooka (loanword)
Palanka (a personal name)
room card (in a hotel)
(computing) punch card
Larnaca (city in Cyprus) / Larnaka
debit card / ATM card
smart card
long-term calling card (telephone)
transliteration of Tibetan lingka: garden
polyester khaki (abbr. for 滌綸卡其布|涤纶卡其布)
Peony Card (credit card issued by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)
birthday card
(slang) to reject sb (by labeling them a "nice guy")
machine-readable card that serves as a ticket (Tw)
Nakhodka (city in Russia)
to replace a lost or damaged SIM card, retaining one's original telephone number / SIM replacement
calling card (telephone)
identity card / ID card
identification card / ID card
debit card
adapter (device)
heavy truck (abbr. for 重型卡車|重型卡车)
bank card / ATM card
drill chuck
telephone card
video card / display card (computer)
Majorca (island of Spain)
hair grip / hair clip
a fraudulently used credit card

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