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credit card
truck / CL: 輛|辆
cartoon (loanword)
  *卡* | 卡* | *卡
to stop / to block / (computing) (coll.) slow / (loanword) card / CL: 張|张, / truck (from "car") / calorie (abbr. for 卡路里) / cassette
  *卡* | 卡* | *卡
to block / to be stuck / to be wedged / customs station / a clip / a fastener / a checkpost / Taiwan pr. [ka3]
to use a credit card (or swipe card, smart card etc)
(of an employee) to clock on (or off) / to punch in (or out) / (Tw) (on Facebook) to check in to a location
Kara, city in northern Togo 多哥 / Cara, Karla etc (name)
graphics card
checkpoint (for taxation, security etc) / barrier / hurdle / red tape / CL: 個|个,
khaki (loanword)
(film industry) Oscar (Academy Award) / CL: 屆|届 / (name) Oscar
Karl (name)
macaron, French pastry with a soft filling sandwiched between the meringue-based cookie shells (loanword)
playing card
video card / display card (computer)
pickup (truck) (loanword)
cardboard / card stock
EasyCard (smart card used mainly for public transportation in Taiwan)
karaoke (loanword)
telephone card
Sri Lanka / (formerly) Ceylon
greeting card / congratulation card
(also pr. [qia3 wei4]) to jockey for position (sports) / to box out (basketball) / to establish oneself in a competitive market (commerce) / (always pr. [ka3 wei4] for this sense) booth seating
to issue a card / (slang) to reject a guy or a girl / to chuck
Carter (name) / James Earl (Jimmy) Carter (1924-), US Democrat politician, president 1977-1981
to jam / to choke / to clutch / also pr. [qia3 zhu4]
network adapter card (computing)
Qatar (Tw)
mocha (loanword)
(computing) slow / unresponsive
credit card debt
Christmas card
machine-readable card that serves as a ticket (Tw)
calorie (loanword)
to be stuck / to feel stuck
Lucca (city in Tuscany)
bank card / ATM card
(of a device) designed to accept a cassette, cartridge or canister (loanword from "cassette") / designed to have a card or ticket inserted (also written 插卡式) (loanword from "card")
Lucas (name)
Acre, city in Israel, also known as Akko
kart racing
Carmen (name) / Carmen, 1875 opera by Georges Bizet 比才 based on novel by Prosper Mérimée 梅里美
cute / adorable / charming (loanword from Japanese)
Jessica (name)
Leica camera / Lycra (fiber or fabric)
permanent residency permit (originally referred specifically to the US green card)
drill chuck
cassette tape
XLR connector
Picasso (Tw)
Academy Awards / Oscars / CL: 屆|届
Jessica (name)
card reader
(sports) wild card (loanword)
canon (music) (loanword)
Carlos (name)
Antigua and Barbuda (Tw)
microSD card
focaccia (loanword)
portable gas stove (fueled by a gas cartridge)
Carnegie (name) / Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919), Scots American steel millionaire and philanthropist
public transportation card / prepaid transit card / subway pass
birthday card
clip / latch (on a clip-into-place component)
Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh / (Tw) Dakar, capital of Senegal
booth (in restaurants etc) (loanword from "car seat")
Calvin (name)
sound card
Pascal (name) / Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), French mathematician
Cameron (name)
(Colonel Muammar) Gaddafi (1942-2011), de facto leader of Libya from 1969-2011
Camelot, seat of legendary King Arthur
lottery scratchcard
Cagliari, Sardinia
Franz Kafka (1883-1924), Czech Jewish writer
Castro (name) / Fidel Castro or Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz (1926-2016), Cuban revolutionary leader, prime minister 1959-1976, president 1976-2008
thangka (Tibetan Buddhist scroll painting)
cocaine (loanword)
dinner invitations, grabbing, obstructing and demanding bribes / all kinds of abuse of power
BCG vaccine / bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine
(acting) cast (loanword)
Casablanca (Morocco's economic capital)
New Year greeting card
Zika virus (Tw)
Ankara, capital of Turkey
Cayenne, capital of French Guiana
burqa (loanword)
memory card
Calgary, largest city of Alberta, Canada
Newcastle (place name)
calling card (telephone)

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