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  *南* | 南* | *南
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  *南* | 南* | *南
surname Nan
Henan province (Honan) in central China, abbr. , capital Zhengzhou 鄭州|郑州
Hunan province in south central China, abbr. , capital Changsha 長沙|长沙
Yunnan province in southwest China, bordering on Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, abbr. or 雲|云, capital Kunming 昆明
Jinan, subprovincial city and capital of Shandong province in northeast China
Hainan Province, in the South China Sea, short name 瓊|琼, capital Haikou 海口 / Hainan Island / Hainan District of Wuhai City 烏海市|乌海市, Inner Mongolia / Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture 海南藏族自治州, Qinghai
Southern China
south of Changjiang or Yangtze river / south of the lower reaches of Changjiang / often refers to south Jiangsu, south Anhui and north Zhejiang provinces / a province during Qing times / in literature, refers to the sunny south / Gangnam (district in Seoul, South Korea)
Huainan prefecture-level city in Anhui
Weinan prefecture level city in Shaanxi
Vietnam / Vietnamese
Minnan (southern Fujian)
Longnan prefecture-level city in south Gansu
South Central China (Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan) / abbr. for China-South Africa
south of the five ranges / old term for south China, esp. Guangdong and Guangxi
Cangnan county in Wenzhou 溫州|温州, Zhejiang
Tainan (city and county in Taiwan)
Hannan district of Wuhan city 武漢市|武汉市, Hubei
Banan district of central Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan
Huangnan Tibetan autonomous prefecture (Tibetan: Rma-lho Bod-rigs rang skyong khul) in Qinghai
Tongnan suburban county in Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan
Jiaonan county level city in Qingdao 青島|青岛, Shandong
Pingnang county in Guigang 貴港|贵港, Guangxi
Yinan county in Linyi 臨沂|临沂, Shandong
Longnan county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi
Chaonan District of Shantou City 汕頭市|汕头市, Guangdong
Guannan county in Lianyungang 連雲港|连云港, Jiangsu
Lhokha prefecture of Tibet, Tibetan: Lho kha
Luannan county in Tangshan 唐山, Hebei
Quannan county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi
Zhongnan mountains, near Xi'an
Ju'nan county in Linyi 臨沂|临沂, Shandong
Gannan county in Qiqihar 齊齊哈爾|齐齐哈尔, Heilongjiang
Annam (Tang Dynasty protectorate located in what is now northern Vietnam) / Annam (autonomous kingdom located in what is now northern Vietnam, 10th-15th century) / Annam (central part of Vietnam during the French colonial period) / old name for Vietnam / Annan district of Tainan City 臺南市|台南市, Taiwan / Kofi Annan (1938-2018), UN secretary-general 1997-2006
Canaan (in Biblical Palestine)
Funan county in Fuyang 阜陽|阜阳, Anhui
Jinnan suburban district of Tianjin municipality 天津市
Sinan county in Tongren prefecture 銅仁地區|铜仁地区, Guizhou
Runan county in Zhumadian 駐馬店|驻马店, Henan
ancient Chinese compass
Fengnan district of Tangshan city 唐山市, Hebei
Ningnan county in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture 涼山彞族自治州|凉山彝族自治州, south Sichuan
Liunan district of Liuzhou city 柳州市, Guangxi
Dingnan county in Ganzhou 贛州|赣州, Jiangxi
Taonan county level city in Baicheng 白城, Jilin
Guangnan county in Wenshan Zhuang and Miao autonomous prefecture 文山壯族苗族自治州|文山壮族苗族自治州, Yunnan
Pingnan county in Ningde 寧德|宁德, Fujian
to the south of (suffix)
Huinan county in Tonghua 通化, Jilin
Yunan county in Yunfu 雲浮|云浮, Guangdong
Maonan district of Maoming city 茂名市, Guangdong
Shangnan County in Shangluo 商洛, Shaanxi
Hengnan county in Hengyang 衡陽|衡阳, Hunan
Buchanan (surname)
Poznan (city in Poland)
Shannan, southern Shaanxi province
Huanan county in Kiamusze or Jiamusi city 佳木斯, Heilongjiang
Xiaonan district of Xiaogan city 孝感市, Hubei
Luonan County in Shangluo 商洛, Shaanxi
extreme south
courtesy name of Lin Shu 林紓|林纾
Zhunan or Chunan town in Miaoli county 苗栗縣|苗栗县, northwest Taiwan
Funan, ancient state in Southeast Asia (1st - 6th century)
Guinan county in Hainan Tibetan autonomous prefecture 海南藏族自治州, Qinghai
Suriname, NE of South America (Tw)
Eugene Cernan (1934-), US astronaut in Apollo 10 and Apollo 17 missions, "last man on the moon"
John Huang (1945-), Democratic Party fundraiser
Gangnan district of Guigang city 貴港市|贵港市, Guangxi
Yu Shinan (558-638), politician of Sui and early Tang periods, poet and calligrapher, one of Four Great Calligraphers of early Tang 唐初四大家
Qinnan district of Qinzhou city 欽州市|钦州市, Guangxi
Beinan or Peinan township in Taitung County 臺東縣|台东县, southeast Taiwan
Benin (Tw)
Eugene Cernan (1934-), US astronaut in Apollo 10 and Apollo 17 missions, "last man on the moon"
Kim Yong-nam (1928-), North Korean politician, foreign minister 1983-1998, president of the Supreme People's Assembly 1998-2019 (nominal head of state and described as deputy leader)
Dounan or Tounan town in Yunlin county 雲林縣|云林县, Taiwan
Inner Mongolia (lit. south of the Gobi Desert)
Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria (1863-1914), heir to the Hapsburg throne, whose assassination in Sarajevo led to World War I
Ferdinand (name)
Ferdinand (name)

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