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  *卖* | 卖* | *卖
to sell / to betray / to spare no effort / to show off or flaunt
to sell / to peddle / to traffic
to offer for sale / to sell / to sell out or betray
to have a sale / sale
to auction / auction sale / to sell at a reduced price
monopoly / exclusive right to trade
buying and selling / business / business transactions / CL: 樁|桩,
to go / take out (relates to food bought at a restaurant)
to sell strongly / to be in great demand
to sell
to sell off (one's property)
jumble sale (for good cause) / charity bazaar
to mark down (the price of goods) / to sell off cheap
to resell at a profit / to speculate
shumai (shao mai) steamed dumpling / also written 燒麥|烧麦
to hawk (one's wares) / to peddle
to resell
hawking / street vending
human trafficking / to abduct and sell / to kidnap and sell
to consign for sale
to buy and sell / to do business / to trade / to deal
to sell cheaply / sacrifice / low price / discount sale
to force sb to buy or sell / to trade using coercion
clearance sale / fire sale
to overbook (e.g. airline seats) / to oversell
lit. to fry and sell on the spot / fig. (of fresh graduates) to apply the still-fresh knowledge gained in school
a one-off, short-sighted deal / a one-shot, all-out attempt
to steal sth and sell it
to sell illicitly / to bootleg / to sell privately
to buy and sell at a profit / to speculate
to sell at marked price / to sell by tender
Dutch auction / descending-price auction
buying and selling on speculation
to press-gang sb and sell into slavery
to sell anything / to sell everything
to peddle / to hawk (pirate goods)
to sell at a big discount
to resell at a profit
buying and selling at fair prices
to betray
lit. to sell hot food freshly cooked; fig. to teach what one has just learned / enthusiasm of the new convert
to sell wholesale
to sell while it's still hot (idiom); fig. in a great hurry to publish or sell (and no time to improve the product)

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