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  *卖* | 卖* | *卖
to sell / to betray / to spare no effort / to show off or flaunt
to sell / to peddle / to traffic
to offer for sale; to sell / to sell out; to betray
(of a restaurant) to provide a takeout or home delivery meal / takeout (business) / takeout (meal)
to sell
to hold a charity bazaar; to sell goods for a good cause
monopoly / exclusive right to trade
to sell short (finance)
to make money by selling sth
human trafficking / to abduct and sell / to kidnap and sell
to sing for a living
outward appearance / demeanor
to work tirelessly; to give one's all; to slave away / to throw away one's life; to sacrifice oneself (usu. for an unworthy cause)
to keep listeners in suspense (in storytelling) / to keep people on tenterhooks
seller (in contracts)
to mark down (the price of goods) / to sell off cheap
prostitution / to prostitute oneself
to work hard / to do one's very best / to throw oneself into the task at hand
(big) store
selling price
buying and selling / business / business transactions / CL: 樁|桩,
to sell cheaply / sacrifice / low price / discount sale
to resell at a profit / to speculate
to sell off (one's property)
to prostitute oneself / to sell oneself into slavery
to sell strongly; to be in great demand
to show off / to make a display of
to show off one's cleverness / (of sb who has received beneficial treatment) to profess to have been hard done by
to resell
selling point
to hawk (one's wares) / to peddle
to betray one's country
to be willing to sacrifice everything one has (idiom)
(of a movie, show etc) to attract large audiences
to consign for sale
to work as a good-time girl; to prostitute oneself
to speculate / to play the market / (fig.) to sell hot air / to swindle people by posing as a reputable operator
every potter praises his own pot (idiom) / all one's geese are swans
to engage in prostitution
to steal sth and sell it
to sell / to reach (a price in an auction)
(slang) to act cute
to buy and sell at a profit / to speculate
to betray
to sell off
to sell meat / (slang) to sell sex
to be sold out
hawking / street vending
to sell wholesale
to play stupid / to act like an idiot
to do trade as a fortune teller
to sell at marked price / to sell by tender
kiosk / snack counter / retail department or section inside a larger business
shumai (shao mai) steamed dumpling / also written 燒麥|烧麦
to play the fool (idiom) / to feign madness
to resell at a profit
every potter praises his own pot (idiom) / all one's geese are swans
a one-off, short-sighted deal / a one-shot, all-out attempt
to buy and sell / to do business / to trade / to deal
to peddle / to hawk (pirate goods)
buying and selling at fair prices
hypermarket / large warehouse-like self-service retail store
to sell at a big discount
(vulgar) your mom's a prostitute (from Sichuan pronunciation of 媽賣屄|妈卖屄)
furniture store / furniture mall
specialty store
lit. the child sells the father's farm without regret (idiom) / fig. to sell one's inheritance without a second thought for how hard one's forebears worked for it
to force sb to buy or sell / to trade using coercion
to have benefited from sth but pretend otherwise / to claim to be hard done by, even though one has benefited
to engage in speculative trading
to auction / auction sale / to sell at a reduced price
auctioneer / auction house
auction / CL: 場|场
lit. to hang a sheep's head while selling dog meat (idiom) / fig. to cheat / dishonest advertising / wicked deeds carried out under banner of virtue
to press-gang sb and sell into slavery
Chinese people press-ganged and sold into slavery during Western colonialism
to behave ingratiatingly
appealing; attractive (esp. to consumers)
clearance sale / fire sale
to sell anything / to sell everything
lit. to sell hot food freshly cooked; fig. to teach what one has just learned / enthusiasm of the new convert
hot-selling property
to have a sale / sale
promotional event / sale
lit. to fry and sell on the spot / fig. (of fresh graduates) to apply the still-fresh knowledge gained in school
to sell while it's still hot (idiom); fig. in a great hurry to publish or sell (and no time to improve the product)
if an official does not put the people first, he might as well go home and sell sweet potatoes
to sell illicitly / to bootleg / to sell privately
Dutch auction / descending-price auction
what has (he) got up (his) sleeve? / what's going on?
to curry favor by showing obeisance (idiom)
GreTai Securities Market (GTSM)
Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese newspaper)
trafficking in human beings
vending machine

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