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simple / not complicated
menu / CL: , 張|张
leaflet / flier / pamphlet
bed sheet / CL: 條|条, , 張|张,
  *单* | 单* | *单
surname Shan
  *单* | 单* | *单
bill / list / form / single / only / sole / odd number / CL: 個|个
list of successful applicants for college admission / list of people or entities ranked highest according to some metric
list of names
to place an order / to order / an order (of goods)
(purchase) order
list of items
form (document)
school report or transcript
notification / notice / ticket / receipt
lone / lonely / loneliness
wish list
women's singles (in tennis, badminton etc)
to pay the restaurant bill
to find oneself a partner
to take a customer's order / (of a taxi driver) to accept a booking / (of a delivery rider) to accept a delivery job
bill of lading
men's singles (in tennis, badminton etc)
(software) menu
not the only / not merely / not simply
not simple / rather complicated / remarkable / marvelous
guarantee slip
to place an order (commerce)
only / merely / just
to generate fake transactions in order to game a commercial online platform (one that rewards users who make numerous transactions)
quotation / price list / written estimate of price
insurance policy (document)
bill of exchange (international trade)
Xidan neighborhood of central Beijing
to bill / to open a tab
violation ticket / infringement notice
way bill / transport charge
variant of 訂單|订单
material requisition form
(e-ticket) itinerary receipt
(bed) sheet / envelope for a padded coverlet / CL:
expense claim form
bill / check
to be on one's own / to be left alone / to be left out
bank statement
context menu (computing)
sample sheet / form / stylesheet (computing)
certificate of deposit
to issue an infringement notice
whitelist and blacklist, i.e. 紅名單|红名单 and 黑名單|黑名单
a tax declaration form / a tax return
(coll.) to have sex
to pay the bill (in a restaurant etc) (loanword from Cantonese) / (fig.) to bear responsibility
bill of warrant (certificate, allowing one to collect money or valuables)
statement of account
declaration form
cargo receipt / landing account / warehouse or storage receipt / CL: 張|张
bill of lading
wine list (in a restaurant etc)
waiting list
stop order (finance)
book slip
men's singles (sports)
Air Waybill (AWB)
list of lost or stolen articles
payment slip
to declare to customs or to the taxman
receipt for a loan / written confirmation of a debt / IOU
short list
master air waybill (MAWB) (transport)
trigger list
unit of area (e.g. 畝|亩, Chinese acre)
to be all alone by oneself

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