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half a year
  *半* | 半* | *半
half / semi- / incomplete / (after a number) and a half
second half of the year
first half (of a year)
half of a game or contest / half-court
half of sth
half hour
half price
to reduce by half
semi-manufactured goods / semifinished articles / semifinished products
midnight / in the middle of the night
half of the day / a long time / quite a while / midair / CL: 個|个
over fifty percent / more than half
half-moon / fortnight
half of sth / one side of sth
semiaxis / half axle
other half / fig. spouse / one's better half
half the work, twice the effect (idiom); the right approach saves effort and leads to better results / a stitch in time saves nine
halfway / midway / on the way
positive semiaxis (in coordinate geometry)
half a lifetime
the least bit
half (of sth) / halfway through
one and a half
Pinellia ternata
more than half / greater part / most / probably / most likely
second half
half the number / half
latter half
first half
translucent / semitransparent
first half of one's life
half the sky / women of the new society / womenfolk
Korean Peninsula
lower half of one's body / Lower Body (Chinese poetry movement of the early 21st century)
half-and-half / 50-50 / to double
half of the country (esp. when half the country has fallen into enemy hands) / vast swathe of territory
to give up halfway (idiom); leave sth unfinished
a year and a half
Banpo neolithic Yangshao culture archaeological site east of Xi'an 西安
lit. to know one and understand half (idiom); a smattering of knowledge / dilettante / amateur
the upper body
Northern Hemisphere
semiaxis / radius
Shandong Peninsula
centaur (mythology)
half of a lifetime
half of the day / a long time / quite a while
half / half and half / both ... and ... / just as much ... as ... / equally
Western Hemisphere
the Eastern Hemisphere / the Old World
half a life / only half alive / barely alive / (scared, beaten etc) half to death
cysteine (Cys), an amino acid / mercaptoethyl amine
Southern Hemisphere
latter half of one's life
semifeudal and semicolonial (the official Marxist description of China in the late Qing and under the Guomindang)
more than half
not much to choose between the two / tweedledum and tweedledee
the middle of the night
a portion smaller than a half / the lesser part / the smaller part
half-length photo or portrait / bust
dabbler / smatterer / tactless and impulsive person
halfway / midway
(music) a half-beat behind / (fig.) rather slow (in performing a task, comprehending etc)
twice the effort for half the result
in midair / in the air
Al Jazeera (Arabic news network)
to have mixed feelings (about sth)
upper part / top half
half bridge (electronics)
second half (of sporting competition)
paralysis of one side of the body / hemiplegia
part work, part study / work-study program
half dead (of torment, hunger, tiredness etc) / (tired) to death / (terrified) out of one's wits / (beaten) to within an inch of one's life / (knock) the daylights out of sb
East and West hemispheres
galactose (CH2O)6 / brain sugar
a short time / a little while
fortnightly / twice a month
to not fully understand (idiom)
Arabian Peninsula
(coll.) (of one's skills, knowledge etc) limited / superficial / half-baked / sb with a smattering of knowledge (of sth) / dabbler
half the day / a long time / quite a while
middle-aged but still attractive woman / lady of a certain age

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