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  *十* | 十* | *十
ten / 10
very / completely / utterly / extremely / absolutely / hundred percent / to divide into ten equal parts
ample / complete / hundred percent / a pure shade (of some color)
PRC National Day (October 1st)
eleven / 11
nineteen / 19
eighteen / 18
twelve / 12
sixteen / 16
thirteen / 13
thirty / 30
fifteen / 15
twenty / 20
Red Cross
fourteen / 14
seventeen / 17
Shiyan prefecture level city in Hubei
forty / 40
October / tenth month (of the lunar year)
hundred thousand
cross road / cross-shaped / crucifix / the character ten
December / twelfth month (of the lunar year)
more than ten / a dozen or more
crossroads / intersection
sixty / 60
ten items / decathlon (athletics)
November / eleventh month (of the lunar year)
twelve divisions of the day of early Chinese and Babylonian timekeeping and astronomy
one billion / giga-
seventy / 70
the 24 solar terms, calculated from the position of the sun on the ecliptic, that divide the year into 24 equal periods
the tens place (or column) in the decimal system
eighty / 80
complete and beautiful / to be perfect (idiom)
Shiyan prefecture level city in Hubei
20th century
lit. if one is fake, I shall compensate you for ten of them / fig. (of goods) 100% genuine
the Japanese Twenty-One Demands of 1915
over 20
decimal / calculations to base 10
the twelve constellations on the ecliptic plane / the signs of the zodiac
several billion
most urgent / posthaste / express
Chinese poker
21st century
most likely / mostly (in 8 or 9 cases out of 10) / vast majority
The Thirty-Six Stratagems, a Chinese essay used to illustrate a series of stratagems used in politics, war, and in civil interaction / all the possible schemes and stratagems
the Thirteen Confucian Classics, namely: Book of Songs 詩經|诗经, Book of History 尚書|尚书, Rites of Zhou 周禮|周礼, Rites and Ceremonies 儀禮|仪礼, Classic of Rites 禮記|礼记, Book of Changes 易經|易经, Mr Zuo's Annals 左傳|左传, Mr Gongyang's Annals 公羊傳|公羊传, Mr Guliang's Annals 穀梁傳|谷梁传, The Analects 論語|论语, Erya 爾雅|尔雅, Classic of Filial Piety 孝經|孝经, Mencius 孟子
half-witted / nitwit
crusaders / army of crusaders / the Crusades
bright and multicolored / of rich variety / (fig.) dazzling / glitzy
ten months or so / about ten months
Ambush from Ten Sides (pipa solo piece) / House of Flying Daggers (2004 movie by Zhang Yimou 張藝謀|张艺谋)
to be a cinch / in the bag / (of a person) confident of success
The Sutra in Forty-two Sections Spoken by the Buddha, the first Chinese Buddhist text, translated in 67 by Kasyapa-Matanga 迦葉摩騰 and Gobharana 竺法蘭 (Dharmaraksha)
the seventies / the 1970s
wicked beyond redemption (idiom) / heinous
thirty years old and therefore independent (idiom, from Confucius)
the Twenty-Four Histories (25 or 26 in modern editions), collection of books on Chinese dynastic history from 3000 BC till 17th century / fig. a long and complicated story
the sixties / the 1960s
the twelve equatorial constellations or signs of the zodiac in Western astronomy and astrology, namely: Aries 白羊, Taurus 金牛, Gemini 雙子|双子, Cancer 巨蟹, Leo 獅子|狮子, Virgo 室女, Libra 天秤, Scorpio 天蠍|天蝎, Sagittarius 人馬|人马, Capricorn 摩羯, Aquarius 寶瓶|宝瓶, Pisces 雙魚|双鱼
Five Dynasties (907-960) and Ten Kingdoms (902-979), period of political turmoil in ancient China
the river flows thirty years to the East, thirty years to the West (proverb) / change is the only constant
the Ming tombs (mausoleum park of the Ming emperors in Changping district of Beijing)
lit. to hear one and know ten (idiom); fig. explain one thing and (he) understands everything / a word to the wise
more than ten / a dozen or more
in one's seventies (age) / very old (of people)
Sixteen Kingdoms of Five non-Han people (ruling most of China 304-439) / also written 五胡十六國|五胡十六国
to reject sb after being deeply touched by them (Internet slang)
to put one's palms together (in prayer or greeting)
ten years of practice for one minute on the stage (idiom)
three sevens are twenty-one (idiom) / the facts of the matter / the actual situation
most likely / mostly (in 8 or 9 cases out of 10) / vast majority
the Crusades / crusaders' eastern expedition
to have no need to fend for oneself (idiom) / to lead a pampered life
listening to the words of a wise man can be superior to studying ten years of books (proverb)
October Revolution
news pass quickly from mouth to mouth (idiom) / an infectious disease spreads quickly (old meaning)
cruciform / cross shape
all walks of life (idiom) / every trade
lit. in gambling, nine times out of ten you lose (idiom) / fig. gambling is a mug's game
last day of the lunar year / Chinese New Year's Eve
It takes ten years to nurture a tree, but a hundred years to train a man (idiom). A good education program takes a long time to develop.
one day's sun, ten days' frost (idiom, from Mencius); fig. to work for a bit then skimp / sporadic effort / lack of sticking power / short attention span
perfect / complete
blackjack (card game)
pretty close / very near / about right
History of Ten States of South China (1669) by Wu Renchen 吳任臣|吴任臣, 114 scrolls
decimal system

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