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difference / to distinguish / to discriminate / to make a distinction / CL: 個|个
suburban district / outskirts / suburbs / CL: 個|个
local / regional / district (not necessarily formal administrative unit) / region / area / as suffix to city name, means prefecture or county (area administered by a prefecture-level city or, county-level city) / CL: 個|个
to differentiate / to draw a distinction / to divide into categories
community / neighborhood
area / region / district
  *区* | 区* | *区
surname Ou
  *区* | 区* | *区
area / region / district / small / distinguish / CL: 個|个
site developed for a group of related enterprises / (industrial or technology) park
area established for a designated purpose / (PRC subprovincial administrative region 1949-1975) prefecture
scenic area
neighborhood / district
block (between streets)
urban district / downtown / city center
city district / urban area
block / segment / section / sector / area
administrative region
allocated area (for housing, industry etc) / district
Lake District, north England
area code
subdivision (e.g. of provinces into counties)
special administrative region / abbr. for 特別行政區|特别行政区
geographical area of command / (PLA) military district
administrative division
time zone
mistaken ideas / misconceptions / the error of one's ways
disaster area / stricken region
restricted area / forbidden region
Jiangning district of Nanjing City 南京市 in Jiangsu 江蘇|江苏
insignificant / trifling / merely
district chief
war zone / combat zone / (military) theater of operations
Nansha District of Guangzhou City 廣州市|广州市, Guangdong
Kaifu district of Changsha city 長沙市|长沙市, Hunan
Xiqing suburban district of Tianjin municipality 天津市
Huangdao district of Qingdao city 青島市|青岛市, Shandong
geographical location / (computing) row-cell (i.e. the row 區|区 and cell used to specify a character in a CJK character set)
mining site / mining area
Qiaoxi District (various) / Qiaoxi District of Shijiazhuang City 石家莊市|石家庄市, Hebei
Changping district of Beijing, formerly Changping county
place of production / manufacturing location
district flag
minefield (lit. and fig.)
Shenhe district of Shenyang city 瀋陽市|沈阳市, Liaoning
the exam area / the district where an exam takes place
Changqing district of Jinan city 濟南市|济南市, Shandong
blind spot
Shenbeixin district of Shenyang city 瀋陽市|沈阳市, Liaoning
Yingzhou district of Fuyang city 阜陽市|阜阳市, Anhui
Baqiao District of Xi’an 西安市, Shaanxi
Anju district of Suining city 遂寧市|遂宁市, Sichuan
Nanhui former district of Shanghai, now in Pudong New District 浦東新區|浦东新区, Shanghai
Hexi district of Tianjin municipality 天津市
Jinzhou district of Dalian 大連市|大连市, Liaoning
Honghuagang District of Zunyi City 遵義市|遵义市, Guizhou
Fuxing district of Handan city 邯鄲市|邯郸市, Hebei
Qibin district of Hebi city 鶴壁市|鹤壁市, Henan
Gongjing District of Zigong City 自貢市|自贡市, Sichuan
Linzi district of Zibo city 淄博市, Shandong
area under irrigation
border area
Fancheng District of Xiangfan city 襄樊市, Hubei
Luogang District of Guangzhou City 廣州市|广州市, Guangdong
Yongnning District of Nanning City 南寧市|南宁市, Guangxi
Dantu district of Zhenjiang city 鎮江市|镇江市, Jiangsu
Yushui District of Xinyu city 新餘市|新余市, Jiangxi
closed interval (in calculus)
Zhoucun district of Zibo city 淄博市, Shandong
Daxiang district of Shaoyang city 邵陽市|邵阳市, Hunan
District of Columbia, USA
Ningjiang district of Songyuan city 松原市, Jilin
Longfeng district of Daqing city 大慶|大庆, Heilongjiang
Qingyuan district of Ji'an city 吉安市, Jiangxi
Wangyi District of Tongchuan City 銅川市|铜川市, Shaanxi
Pingqiao District of Xinyang city 信陽市|信阳市, Henan
Sifangtai district of Shuangyashan city 雙鴨山|双鸭山, Heilongjiang
Xiangyang district of Kiamusze or Jiamusi city 佳木斯, Heilongjiang
grazing land / pasture
Dongbao district of Jingmen city 荊門市|荆门市, Hubei
area code / telephone dialing code
Xuanwu district of central Beijing
Jinping District of Shantou City 汕頭市|汕头市, Guangdong
epidemic area
agricultural areas / farming areas
Nanshi District, former district of Shanghai, merged into Huangpu District 黃浦區|黄浦区 in 2000
Xinlin district of Daxing'anling prefecture 大興安嶺地區|大兴安岭地区, Heilongjiang
Yintai District of Tongchuan City 銅川市|铜川市, Shaanxi
Zhen'an district of Dandong city 丹東市|丹东市, Liaoning
Jili district of Luoyang City 洛陽市|洛阳市 in Henan province 河南
school district
Anping district of Tainan City 臺南市|台南市, Taiwan
Xinshi District of Ürümqi, Xinjiang / Sinshih District of Tainan, Taiwan
Shunhe Hui district of Kaifeng city 開封市|开封市, Henan
earthquake area
postal district
Xilin district of Yichun city 伊春市, Heilongjiang
Xuhui district, central Shanghai
Jinshanzhun district of Yichun city 伊春市, Heilongjiang

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