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work / toil / physical labor / CL:
fatigue / wearily / weariness / weary
hardworking / industrious / diligent
contribution / meritorious service / credit
to work hard / to look after
service (work done for money) / services (as in "goods and services")
  *劳* | 劳* | *劳
to toil / labor / laborer / to put sb to trouble (of doing sth) / meritorious deed / to console (Taiwan pr. [lao4] for this sense)
to inconvenience / to trouble (sb with a request)
International Labor Day (May Day)
labor contract / contract between employer and employees governing wages and conditions
labor force / manpower
Rolex (Swiss wristwatch brand)
MacDonald or McDonald (name) / McDonald's (fast food company)
labor / laborer
to work hard without complaint (idiom)
worker / laborer
hardworking and enduring hardships (idiom)
Lawrence (person name)
ability to work
service contract
labor and capital / labor and management
strain (medicine)
tired / exhausted / worn out / to toil
model worker
working people / the workers of Socialist theory or of the glorious Chinese past
to toil / hard work
(Tw) arts and crafts (as a school subject)
Republic of Palau or Belau (Pacific island nation)
model worker
work / manual labor
Tokelau (territory of New Zealand)
industrial relations / relations between labor and capital
productive labor
to reward with food and drink / to feast (sb) / presents of food etc made to troops / Taiwan pr. [kao4 lao4]
labor / able-bodied worker / laborer / work force
war exploits / (fig.) heroic contribution
Claus or Klaus (name)
physical labor
Crawford (town in Texas)
Lloyd (name) / Lloyd's (London-based insurance group)
toil / hard work
May Day / International Labor Day (May 1)
to strike a balance between work and rest (idiom)
Claude (name)
distribution according to work
to get sth done once and for all
Trud (Russian newspaper)
contract workers (sent abroad)
it's the most capable people who do the most work (idiom) (intended as consolation for the overworked, or flattery when making a request etc)
to reap without sowing (idiom)
to serve (in some capacity) / to work for
to become rich by one's own efforts / self-made
Browne (person name)
reeducation through labor
mental labor / intellectual work
International Labor Organization
work and rest
work more and get more
labor insurance
Ravenclaw (Harry Potter)
karoshi (loanword from Japanese), death from overwork
lit. the exertion of lifting one's hand (idiom) / fig. a very slight effort
reeducation through labor
abbr. for 外籍勞工|外籍劳工 / foreign worker
labor market
to work to no avail (idiom)
disorder of internal organs caused by overexertion
deficiency of kidney essence due to sexual excess (TCM)
(polite) thank you for your trouble (used when asking a favor or after having received one)
abbr. for 勞動改造|劳动改造 / reform through labor / laogai (prison camp)
Strauss (name) / Johann Strauss (1825-1899), Austrian composer / Richard Strauss (1864-1949), German composer
to work with one's brains / to rack one's brains / to worry
to work hard / to toil
hardy / able to resist hardship
to do sth in place of sb else
Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), the ruling party of North Korea
(literary) fatigued / wearied
forced labor (as punishment in criminal case)
you have made a long and exhausting journey (套语 polite talk) / you will make a long trip (when asking a favor that involves going to a far away place)
to be a tax on (one's mind) / to bother / to trouble / to be concerned
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (Japan)
to show appreciation (by kind words, small gifts etc) / to comfort
to spare no effort
reeducation through labor / laogai (prison camp)
correctional institution / labor camp
to love ease and comfort and hate work (idiom)
Rudolf Clausius (1822-1888), German physicist and mathematician
forced labor / corvée (labor required of a serf) / animal labor
to bear hardships and work hard (idiom); assiduous and long-suffering / hard-working and capable of overcoming adversity
excuse me
waste of manpower and resources
eye strain

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