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erhua variant of 使勁|使劲
enthusiasm for doing sth
(coll.) awesome / stunning / electrifying / breathtaking / (originally Cantonese) / also pr. [jin4 bao4]
  *劲* | 劲* | *劲
strength / energy / enthusiasm / spirit / mood / expression / interest / CL: / Taiwan pr. [jing4]
  *劲* | 劲* | *劲
stalwart / sturdy / strong / powerful
springy mouthfeel
strong contingent / elite squad
to exert all one's strength
strong wind / gale
to dance energetically / vigorous modern style of dance
formidable opponent
suitable; to one's liking / to get along together
to require effort / strenuous
continuously / persistently / incessantly
bold / vigorous
enthusiasm / zeal / vigor / strength
energy to continue after the initial phase of an activity / delayed effect
application to the task
bad / no good / below average / disappointing
energetic; vigorous; enthusiastic
energetic; exciting; of interest
dynamism / drive
(dialect) to be full of zeal / high-spirited / exhilarating / to stir sb up
(of wind) to blow strongly / (fig.) (of trends, changes etc) to sweep through society
tough upright grass / (fig.) a staunch character who is loyal despite danger and hardship
to match one's strength with / to compete / more competitive / to set oneself against sb / disobliging / to make a special effort
power shot (e.g. in soccer)
awkward / unhandy / be indisposed / not feel well
to increase efforts / to make extra efforts
jealousy (in love)
to put effort into sth / to try really hard
bold / upright and strong / vigorous / forceful (brush strokes) / sureness of touch
lit. sturdy grass withstands high winds (idiom) / fig. strength of character is revealed in a crisis
thoughts / what one has in one's heart
obstinacy / tenacity
to lose heart / to feel discouraged
to dash / to put on a spurt / to redouble efforts
force / strength
very hard-working / assiduous
vigorous / energetic / interesting / amusing
to exert all one's force / all-out effort / CL:
erhua variant of 勁|劲
erhua variant of 死勁|死劲
strong and swift
strong and upright
elite soldiers / a crack force
tall and straight
strong / powerful / robust
(of wind) strong and bitterly cold
lit. sturdy grass withstands high winds (idiom) / fig. strength of character is revealed in a crisis
erhua variant of 一個勁|一个劲
to do one's utmost
not in good condition / wrong / fishy
erhua variant of 不對勁|不对劲
erhua variant of 加勁|加劲
to extend / to put forth
coefficient of restitution (in Hooke's law)
vigorously / to the utmost / to the best of one's ability
erhua variant of 可勁|可劲
to peter out / to lose momentum / to lose steam
erhua variant of 對勁|对劲
dash / pep / vigor
grip strength; hand strength
firmness of determination
all one's strength / with might and main
to have no strength / to feel weak / exhausted / feeling listless / boring / of no interest
erhua variant of 沒勁|没劲
to have no strength / to feel weak / feeling listless
erhua variant of 沒有勁頭|没有劲头
pure and high-minded (idiom)
erhua variant of 犟勁|犟劲
to become excited
lit. sturdy grass withstands high winds and true gold stands the test of fire (idiom) / fig. strength of character is revealed in a crisis
to save labor / to save effort
erhua variant of 省勁|省劲
to put effort into sth / to try really hard
erhua variant of 費勁|费劲
erhua variant of 較勁|较劲
erhua variant of 醋勁|醋劲
to apply all one's strength in a burst of effort
to exert all one's strength

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