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to rob / looting
calamity / catastrophe / apocalypse
  *劫* | 劫* | *劫
to rob / to plunder / to seize by force / to coerce / calamity / abbr. for kalpa 劫波
to loot / to rob / to plunder / to ransack
  *刼* | 刼* | *刼
variant of
consigned to eternal damnation / with no hope of reprieve
to kidnap / to hijack / to abduct / to hold under duress
hijacking / air piracy
to loot a burning house / to profit from sb's misfortune (idiom)
to loot / to rob / to ransack / to pillage
predestined fate (Buddhism)
after the calamity, renewed life (idiom); new lease of life
  *刧* | 刧* | *刧
variant of
  *刦* | 刦* | *刦
variant of
to rob the rich to help the poor
robbery / holdup
to break into jail / to forcibly release prisoners
to break a prisoner out of jail
to kidnap / to hijack
to break into a house for robbery (idiom)
to carjack / carjacking
to seize by force / to abduct
to rob and kill
to loot / to plunder
armed robbery
kalpa (loanword) (Hinduism)
to seize a camp / to surprise the enemy in bed
to loot / plunder
to mug / to intercept and rob
hijacker / kidnapper
Destiny is inexorable, there is no fleeing it (idiom). Your doom is at hand.
remnants after a disaster / aftermath
to seize a stronghold / to surprise the enemy in his camp
national disaster (ancient astrological allusion)
to hijack (a plane) / aircraft hijacking / skyjacking
to steal everything
to take advantage of sb's misfortune / to loot
bandit / robber

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