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assistance / aid / to help / to assist
to subsidize / to provide financial aid / subsidy
to provide assistance / to aid
to assist / to aid / supplementary / auxiliary / subsidiary
to support / to assist / to sponsor
to draw support from / with the help of
assistant / helper
to spoil things through excessive enthusiasm (idiom)
a helping hand / help / assistance
to request help / to appeal (for help)
  *助* | 助* | *助
to help / to assist
(military) to mount a secondary attack / (fig.) to assist in tackling a problem / (sports) to participate in a play in which a teammate scores (i.e. perform an assist)
to subsidize / subsidy / allowance
student grant / education grant / scholarship
(aerospace) to boost / booster (rocket) / (behavioral economics) to nudge
Huzhu Tuzu autonomous county in Haidong prefecture 海東地區|海东地区, Qinghai
to help each other
teaching assistant
to help sb in trouble / aid / assistance
willing to help others
to contribute to / to promote
to donate / to offer (aid) / contribution / donation
helpful / beneficial / to help / conducive to
additive / reagent
student loan
to help / to support / to aid / aid / assistance
to cheer for / to encourage / to boost the morale of
hearing aid
to cheer / to root for
to help one another / to come to sb's help
to assist in a candidate's election campaign (Tw)
pleasure from helping others (idiom)
to help a mother give birth
CAD computer-aided design
to keep watch and defend one another (idiom, from Mencius); to join forces to defend against external aggressors / mutual help and protection
to encourage / to foster / to foment
helpless / helplessness / feeling useless / no help
to help people with disabilities
relief agency / emergency service / rescue organisation
forbearance / tolerance / patient help
technical assistance
lit. helping tyrant Zhou 商紂王|商纣王 in his oppression (idiom) / fig. to take the side of the evildoer / giving succor to the enemy
auxiliary verb / modal verb
We are most grateful for your valuable assistance.
A just cause attracts much support, an unjust one finds little (idiom, from Mencius)
to push the wave and add to the billows (idiom); to add momentum / to encourage sth to get bigger / to add fuel to the fire
complementary medicine
Huzhu Tuzu autonomous county in Haidong prefecture 海東地區|海东地区, Qinghai
to add to the fun / to liven things up
to run up (pole vault, javelin, bowling etc) / approach / run-up / (aviation) takeoff run
unable to help however much one would like to (idiom); Although we sympathize, there is no way to help you. / My hands are tied.
to call upon others for help
computer-aided design
to lend a helping hand (idiom)
an unjust cause finds little support (idiom, from Mencius) / cf 得道多助 a just cause attracts much support
flux (metallurgy)
auxiliary language
to assist
military aid
a just cause enjoys abundant support (idiom); those upholding justice will find help all around
structural particle, such as , , and
a helping hand
benefit / help
(psychology) learned helplessness
personal digital assistant (PDA)
lit. to intervene when one sees an injustice (idiom) / fig. to rush to the rescue / to play the white knight
(said of sb else's wife) a good wife
mnemonic sign
computer-aided engineering
particle (grammatical)
pleasure from helping others
(honorific) your inestimable assistance / thanks to your help
help / assistant
modal particle
low-powered motorized scooter or bike
to relieve and help
finding little support / neglected
computer-aided instruction
Huzhu Tuzu Autonomous County in Haidong prefecture 海東地區|海东地区, Qinghai
auxiliary word
aspect particle, such as 著|着, , 過|过
Enjo-kōsai or "compensated dating", a practice which originated in Japan where older men give money or luxury gifts to women for their companionship and sexual favors
to bolster / to give a boost to (the economy etc)
booster rocket
to feel helpless / feeling useless
auxiliary organizations
front passenger seat (in a car)
mnemonic method
computer-aided design and drawing
assistance that one gets from another
receiving much help (from outside) / well supported
laundromat / launderette
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