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to participate / to take part / to join
to raise / to increase
gas station
(idiom) to make matters even worse / to add insult to injury
to exert (effort or pressure)
to intensify
to speed up / to expedite
  *加* | 加* | *加
Canada (abbr. for 加拿大) / surname Jia
  *加* | 加* | *加
to add / plus / (used after an adverb such as , , etc, and before a disyllabic verb, to indicate that the action of the verb is applied to sth or sb previously mentioned) / to apply (restrictions etc) to (sb) / to give (support, consideration etc) to (sth)
to become a member / to join / to mix into / to participate in / to add in
to add something extra / an additional increment / addendum / to append / an additional posthumous title
to process / processing / working (of machinery)
additional / annex
to load (cargo) / (computing) to load (content)
to add / to increase
more (than sth else) / even more
to become a member of an alliance or union / to align / to join / participate
to reinforce (a structure) / to strengthen
to add oil / to top up with gas / to refuel / to accelerate / to step on the gas / (fig.) to make an extra effort / to cheer sb on
plus / to put in / to add / to add on / to add into / in addition / on top of that
Canada / Canadian
Katō (Japanese surname)
to accelerate / to speed up
Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849), American poet and novelist
all the more / even more / further
to increase (e.g. one's effort)
to encrypt / encryption / to protect with a password
Bengal / Bangladesh
to heat
to work overtime
to work extra hours / to do overtime
Tonga, South Pacific archipelago kingdom
to make heavier / to emphasize / (of an illness etc) to become more serious / to aggravate (a bad situation) / to increase (a burden, punishment etc)
to crown / coronation
to superimpose / to layer / to overlay / to superpose
in addition / moreover / (used before a disyllabic verb to indicate that the action of the verb is applied to sth or sb previously mentioned) / to apply (restrictions etc) to (sb) / to give (support, consideration etc) to (sth)
bonus point; extra credit / to award bonus points; to earn extra points
Chicago, USA
Calcutta (India)
Stuttgart city in southwest Germany and capital of Baden-Württemberg 巴登·符騰堡州|巴登·符腾堡州
to injure
to lengthen
Las Vegas, Nevada
to double / to redouble
Costa Rica
to make text bold
Kathmandu, capital of Nepal
Bucharest, capital of Romania
Dominica / Dominican Republic
Lake Baikal
Bangalore, capital of southwest Indian state Karnataka 卡納塔克邦|卡纳塔克邦
to ratchet up / to raise (expectations etc) / to increase (a quota, a position in the market etc) / to up the ante / (computing) to encode
to seal (with an official stamp) / to stamp / (fig.) to ratify / to put a lid on (a cooking pot) / to cap / to build an extension or additional story
moreover / in addition to that
Jakarta, capital of Indonesia
to add up (numbers) / (fig.) to put together (several things of the same type, e.g. skills)
Caracas, capital of Venezuela
Alaska, US state
If you want to condemn sb, don't worry about the pretext (idiom, from Zuozhuan 左傳|左传); one can always trump up a charge against sb / Give a dog a bad name, then hang him.
to increase a price
to intensify / to speed up / to step up
Jiagedaqi district of Daxing'anling prefecture 大興安嶺地區|大兴安岭地区, in northwest Heilongjiang and northeast Inner Mongolia
Bugatti (name) / Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. (French car company)
to pressurize / to pile on pressure
Galicia, province and former kingdom of northwest Spain
(math.) to weight / weighting / weighted (average, index etc)
(of two or more things) to occur at the same time; to be mingled; to accompany each other
Caucasus / Caucasian
to heat / to add warmth / to raise temperature / fig. to stimulate
to increase a bet; to raise (poker); to raise the stakes
to expedite / (of a delivery etc) expedited / express / urgent
Agatha Christie
to feed in / to load (raw material, supplies, fuel etc) / to supply / fortified (with added material)
lit. contribute bricks and tiles for a building (idiom) / fig. to do one's bit to help
(sports) overtime / extra time / play-off
fuel nozzle
Kuala Terengganu, capital of Terengganu state, Malaysia
lit. change to more severe (idiom); to become more intense (esp. of shortcoming) / to aggravate / to intensify
to impose / to force upon
vodka (loanword)
gallon (loanword)
to add material to an exam / supplementary exam
to spur the horse to full speed (idiom) / to go as fast as possible
extremely difficult / even more difficult

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