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function / capability
Chenggong or Chengkung town in Taitung County 臺東縣|台东县, southeast Taiwan
success / to succeed / CL: , 個|个
multi-functional / multi-function
  *功* | 功* | *功
meritorious deed or service / achievement / result / service / accomplishment / work (physics)
rate of work / power (output)
skill / art / kung fu / labor / effort
electric consumption / power wastage
great merit / great service
homework / assignment / task / classwork / lesson / study / CL: 門|门
functional module
qigong, a system of deep breathing exercises
Wugong County in Xianyang 咸陽|咸阳, Shaanxi
martial art / military accomplishments / (Peking opera) martial arts feats
training in the basic skills / knowledge of the fundamentals
merit / efficacy / competence / skill / power
achievement / meritorious deed / contributions (for the good of society)
half the work, twice the effect (idiom); the right approach saves effort and leads to better results / a stitch in time saves nine
management function
electric power (measured in watts)
achievements and virtue
to act (in opera) / stage business
basic skills / fundamentals
contribution / meritorious service / credit
kidney function
to render meritorious service / to make worthy contributions / to distinguish oneself
to practice work skill
diligent / industrious (in one's studies) / to study hard / to make great effort
singing skill
amazing powers / miraculous skill
to celebrate a heroic deed
feat / contribution / merits and achievements
power output (of an electrical device etc)
minister who has given outstanding service
successfully accomplished (project or goal) / to be highly successful
to give credit / to give sb his due / attribution
to achieve or accomplish goals
outstanding military service
Koxinga (1624-1662), military leader
to win instant success (idiom)
seeking instant benefit (idiom); shortsighted vision, looking only for fast return
menu (software)
Falun Gong (Chinese spiritual movement founded in 1992, regarded as a cult by the PRC government)
scholarly honor (in imperial exams) / rank / achievement / fame / glory
to win success and recognition (idiom)
Wugong County in Xianyang 咸陽|咸阳, Shaanxi
glorious achievement (idiom)
hyperthyroidism / abbr. to 甲亢
optical power
lit. to ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful / to fail through lack of a final effort / to spoil the ship for a ha'penny worth of tar (idiom)
one's contributions cannot go unnoticed (idiom)
twice the effort for half the result
to waste all one's previous efforts (idiom) / all that has been achieved goes down the drain
supernatural power / extrasensory perception
merits and demerits / contributions and errors
very concentrated type of tea drunk in Chaozhou, Fujian and Taiwan
to work to no avail (idiom)
hidden merits
war exploits / (fig.) heroic contribution
function library
erectile dysfunction (ED)
achievement / outstanding work / glorious deed
Mt Wugong in Jiangxi
Failure is the mother of success.
If you work at it hard enough, you can grind an iron bar into a needle. / cf idiom 磨杵成針|磨杵成针, to grind an iron bar down to a fine needle (idiom); fig. to persevere in a difficult task / to study diligently
no end of virtuous achievements (idiom); boundless beneficence
success at one go / to succeed at the first attempt
to return without any achievement (idiom); to go home with one's tail between one's legs
to evaluate the merit of sth
to work hard while accomplishing little / to toil to no avail
high merit that one can never repay (idiom); invaluable achievements
lit. not aiming to achieve the best possible result, but rather trying to avoid making mistakes (idiom) / fig. to take a risk-averse approach
position and wealth (idiom); rank, fame and fortune
hard work / laborious effort / painstaking work
to take the credit for sb's achievement
first class merit
lit. cannot be done in one day (idiom) / fig. will take much time and effort to accomplish
to practice (work skills)
brilliant (exploit) / meritorious (achievement)
multifunction meter (e.g. for gas and electricity supply)
to rejoice in grandiose deeds / to strive to achieve extraordinary things
to claim credit for oneself
ten years of practice for one minute on the stage (idiom)
virtuous achievements come to their successful conclusion (idiom)
military medal
high merit and worthy prospects (idiom)
Opportunity brings success. (idiom)
to sing sb's praises (mostly derogatory)
to fail within sight of success (idiom); last-minute failure / to fall at the last hurdle / snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
to accomplish the whole task at one stroke (idiom)
transmission power / output power
effort will undoubtedly lead to success (idiom)
outstanding founding minister (title given to reward loyal general or vassal of new dynasty or state)

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