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to edit (video images, film)
  *剪* | 剪* | *剪
surname Jian
  *剪* | 剪* | *剪
scissors / shears / clippers / CL: / to cut with scissors / to trim / to wipe out or exterminate
paper-cut silhouette / outline / sketch
papercutting (Chinese folk art) / to make paper cutouts
to shear / shearing (force) / (computing) to cut (as in "cut-and-paste")
scissors / CL:
to cut out
to prune / to trim
clipboard (computing)
to tailor (clothes) / to trim (expenditure)
to cut off / to cut away / to trim
cut into
(to get a) haircut
shear / shearing force
to cut the ribbon (at a launching or opening ceremony)
film-editing / montage / to cut or edit film
clippers / scissors / shears / CL:
to prune (branches etc)
shears / large scissors / secateurs
rock-paper-scissors (game)
nail clipper
newspaper cutting / clippings
shear / shearing force
shear stress
shampoo, haircut and blow-dry
to eradicate / to exterminate
rock-paper-scissors (hand game)
to cut (from a movie etc) / to censor
prices scissor (caught between low income and high prices)
with hands behind one's back / trussed
clear, bright eyes (idiom)
to waylay and rob / highway robbery
to prune
thinning scissors
(bird species of China) Indian skimmer (Rynchops albicollis)
lit. cut grass and pull out roots (idiom); fig. to destroy root and branch / to eradicate
shearing / shear deformation
rock-paper-scissors (game)
to cut / to snip
to cut the ribbon (at an opening)

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