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before / formerly / previous / ago
to shift to an earlier date / to do sth ahead of time / in advance
at the present time / currently
previously / formerly / once upon a time
the present time / to be faced with
before; previously
the front (of) / (in) front / (in) sb's presence / just before (a date)
  *前* | 前* | *前
front / forward / ahead / first / top (followed by a number) / future / ago / before / BC (e.g. 293) / former / formerly
before one's eyes / now / at present
the other day / a few days ago
before / prior to / ago / previously / beforehand
in front of / facing / (in the) presence (of)
to advance bravely
to be ahead of one's time / to surpass or outdo one's predecessors / to be ahead of the pack / to take the lead / advanced
to advance; to step forward
forward / onward
(of a deceased) during one's life / while living
before this / before then / previously
in front of the door
to move forwards
premarital / prenuptial
right under one's nose; right in front of one's eyes; close at hand; imminent
(of children, parents etc) at one's side / living with one
Taiqian county in Puyang 濮陽|濮阳, Henan
front of the stage
pretax / before taxes
ahead / formerly / in the past
to come close / to get near to / front
prenatal / antenatal
stuck and not moving forward (idiom); stagnant / in a rut / at a standstill
to hesitate to move forward / to hesitate / to hold back
to advance courageously (idiom) / to press forward
to support the front (military)
a magnificent and unprecedented event (idiom)
to stand still without advancing (idiom); to hesitate and hold back
(idiom) to be faced with a formidable enemy
(on the) chest / bosom
to shrink back in fear (idiom); too cowardly to advance
hesitant to take action
hesitant and not daring to move forward (idiom)
in advance / before the event
morning / a.m.
by the end of the year / at the end of the year; shortly before New Year
up until now / to date
straight ahead
not long ago
(idiom) ignore your elders at your peril
BCE (before the Common Era) / BC (before Christ)
before that / beforehand / previously
now / at the present
before then / up until that point
to monopolize the limelight (idiom) / to get all the glory / to rank highest
lit. amidst the flowers under the moonlight (idiom) / fig. romantic surroundings
facing forwards
psyllium (genus Plantago)
to mark time and make no advances (idiom)
before the common era (BC)
in the past / formerly
BCE (before the Common Era) / BC (before Christ)
to be at a standstill / to mark time
to falter / to stall
to hesitate to move forward / to balk / to jib
before the beginning (of sth)

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