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  *到* | 到* | *到
to (a place) / until (a time) / up to / to go / to arrive / (verb complement denoting completion or result of an action)
not to arrive / not reaching / insufficient / less than
to find
finally / in the end / when all is said and done / after all / to the end / to the last
at last / finally / in the end
to come / to arrive
to get / to obtain / to receive
to reach / to achieve / to attain
to return to
to meet / to run into / to come across
to receive (praise, an education, punishment etc) / to be ...ed (praised, educated, punished etc)
to register / to sign in
to reach / to arrive
can't find
to think of / to call to mind / to anticipate
to accomplish / to achieve
to hear
didn't expect
to fall due (loan etc) / to expire (visa etc) / to mature (investment bond etc)
to feel / to sense / to have the feeling that / to think that / to move / to affect
to mention / to raise (a subject) / to refer to
to receive (letter etc)
to see
cash on delivery (COD)
to arrive / arrival / advent
to get to the intended location / to be in place / to be in position / precise / well (done)
to suffer / to meet with (sth unfortunate)
to wait until / by the time when (sth is ready etc)
to feel / to sense / to detect / to perceive / to become aware
up until now / to date
to come across / to run into / to meet / to hit
to report for duty / to check in / to register
to talk about / to mention / (preposition) as for
cannot get / cannot obtain
to take possession of / to get hold of
to arrive late
(of packages or shipments) to arrive
thoughtful / considerate / attentive / thorough / also pr. [zhou1 dao5]
unexpected / hard to imagine / it had not occurred to me / who could have thought that
perfect / excellent / brought to the utmost degree
to pay a visit
to hurry (to some place)
at that (future) time
unexpected / previously unimagined
cannot achieve / cannot reach
to refer to / to speak about / to talk about
to show up / present (at the scene)
when the moment comes / at that time
relates to / bears upon
hereto / hereunto
to be (sb's or sth's) turn
closing date (of contract) / maturity (of an investment bond)
until now / so far
to talk about sth
to smell / to sniff sth out / to perceive by smelling
to settle a matter in one go
it's time (to do sth) / the time has come
to dream of / to dream about
up until now / to date
to receive
can't hear
to be a newcomer / just off the boat
to the end (of) / at the end of / in the end / to come to an end
it's just perfect / it's just right
in the final analysis / in the end
from start to finish / from head to tail / the whole (thing)
to foresee / to anticipate
even now / until now / right up to the present
to accomplish / to get sth done
first come first served
extremely / incredibly
(do a manual task) until one's hands go limp with exhaustion
to get hold of / to obtain / to secure / to come by
to go up / to rise
(idiom) take care of everything; handle everything
all day long / the whole day
in the end / finally / as a result
to stop at this point / to end here / to call it a day
to be available at any time / to be on call
door to door
lit. where water flows, a canal is formed (idiom) / fig. when conditions are right, success will follow naturally
after all / in the final analysis / ultimately
to win instant success (idiom)
to involve / to drag in
to be all present
impossible / can't be done / no can do / unable to accomplish
collect on delivery (COD)
from head to foot
to embody into / to apply to / to take the shape of / specific to
to be as good as one's word (idiom) / to keep one's promise
wherever one goes
to have a fever reaching (a certain temperature)
(finance) yield to maturity (YTM)
to make an appearance in court
(Tw) to like / to fall in love with

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