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  *初* | 初* | *初
at first / (at the) beginning / first / junior / basic
first / primary / initial / original / at first / initially / originally
beginning of the year
start of month / early in the month
at that time / originally
originally / at first / at the outset
as before / as ever
beginning of an age / beginning of a decade
Zhang Jingchu (1980-), PRC actress
late Ming and early Qing / around the middle of the 17th century
the late Qing and early Republic, i.e. China around 1911
the early Ming (i.e. from second half of 14th century)
late Yuan and early Ming / mid 14th century
the absolute beginning
to bury the hatchet / to become reconciled
intact / untouched / as good as before
if I (you, she, he...) had known it would come to this, I (you, she, he...) would not have acted thus (idiom) / to regret vainly one's past behavior
at the outset / at first / early
late Han and early Wei (roughly, first half of 3rd century AD)
to regret one's past deeds (idiom)
Ling Mengchu (1580-1644), Ming dynasty novelist and dramatist / also written 凌蒙初
Ling Mengchu (1580-1644), Ming dynasty novelist and dramatist / also written 凌濛初
(literary) former times / in olden days

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