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if not / otherwise / else / or else
rule / regulation / rules and regulations
  *则* | 则* | *则
(conjunction used to express contrast with a previous clause) but / then / standard / norm / principle / to imitate / to follow / classifier for written items
principle / doctrine / CL: 個|个
norm / standard / criterion
detailed rules and regulations / bylaws
law / rule / code
rules / regulations
regular (figure in geometry)
in principle / generally
regular expression (computing)
fundamental doctrine / guiding principle / raison d'être
code of conduct / standard of conduct
on the one hand
profile / general provision (law)
actually / in fact
Shigatse or Xigaze, Tibetan: Gzhis ka rtse, city and prefecture in central Tibet
general rule / general principle
unspoken rules (usually ones that codify improper behaviors such as leveraging guanxi to get favorable treatment, or coercing employees for sexual favors)
Wu Zetian (624-705), Tang empress, reigned 690-705
to set an example (idiom); to serve as a model
supplementary provision / bylaw / additional article (law)
the four basic operations of arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
the Four Cardinal Principles enunciated by Deng Xiaoping 鄧小平|邓小平 in 1979: to uphold the socialist road, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the leadership of the CCP, and Maoism and Marxism-Leninism
traffic rules / rules of the road
Shigatse or Xigaze, Tibetan: Gzhis ka rtse, city and prefecture in central Tibet, Chinese Rikaze
that being the case / then / in that case
general principle
Lin Zexu or Lin Tse-hsu "Commissioner Lin" (1785-1850), Qing official whose anti-opium activities led to first Opium war with Britain 1840-1842
lit. to want sth in haste, but cannot get there (idiom, from Analects); more haste, less speed / don't try to run before you can walk
rules of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) / algorithm / fig. to scheme / to calculate (i.e. plot)
penal provision / penalty
scalene triangle (math.)
like rowing a boat upstream, if you stop moving forward you fall back (idiom)
moreover / besides
Since they have come, we should make them comfortable (idiom). Since we're here, take it easy. / Since this is so, we should accept it. / Now we have come, let's stay and take the rough with the smooth. / If you can't do anything to prevent it, you might as well sit back and enjoy it.
the Three Principles (in many contexts)
Gerze county in Ngari prefecture, Tibet, Tibetan: Sger rtse rdzong
nevertheless / although
Shigatse or Xigaze prefecture in central Tibet, Tibetan: Gzhis ka rtse sa khul, Chinese Rikaze
Zhou Enlai's Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence / 1954 Panchsheel series of agreements between PRC and India
general rule / simple principle
L'Hôpital's rule (math.)
correct any mistakes you made, but maintain your good record if you did not make them (idiom)
One-China principle, the official doctrine that Taiwan is a province of China
To learn without thinking is confusing, to think without learning is dangerous (Confucius)
accounting standards council
a maxim / one's principles
irregular quadrilateral / trapezium
(idiom) great plans can be ruined by just a touch of impatience
one who is successful in one's studies, can become an official (idiom)
(old sentence-final expression used for emphasis)
to make a decision when it's time to decide
study is like rowing upstream – if you don't keep pushing forward, you fall behind
principle / logic
Zerah (name)
when you hit bottom, you have to come up with a new approach (idiom)
If one is industrious, one will not be in want. (idiom)
where there is injustice, there will be an outcry / man will cry out against injustice
to accept criticism gladly (humble expr.) / to be happy when one's errors are pointed out
Gerze county in Ngari prefecture, Tibet, Tibetan: Sger rtse rdzong
water that is too clear has no fish, and one who is too severe has no friends (idiom)
a maxim / one's principles
If three walk together, one of them can teach me sth (Confucius)
listen to both sides and you will be enlightened; heed only one side and you will remain ignorant (idiom)
regular parametrization
joy depresses one's qi vital breath / an excess of joy may lead to sluggishness of vital energy (TCM)
L'Hôpital's rule (math.) (Tw)
Rayleigh criterion (optics)
lit. called a king if successful, called a bandit if defeated (idiom) / fig. losers are always in the wrong
Pareto principle
Zabulon or Zebulun, biblical land between Jordan and Galilee (Matthew 4:15)
happy on the one hand, but worried on the other (idiom)
wastage makes one destitute (idiom)
regularity effect
frugality prevents destitution (idiom)

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