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  *刘* | 刘* | *刘
surname Liu
  *刘* | 刘* | *刘
(classical) a type of battle-ax / to kill / to slaughter
bangs / fringe (hair)
Andy Lau (1961-), Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actor
Liu Bei (161-223), warlord at the end of the Han dynasty and founder of the Han kingdom of Shu 蜀漢|蜀汉 (c. 200-263), later the Shu Han dynasty
Liu Yang (1978-), China's first female astronaut in space (June 16, 2012)
Liu An (179-122 BC), King of Huainan under the Western Han, ordered the writing of the 淮南子
Liu Xiang (1983-), Chinese gold-medal hurdler of the 2004 Olympic Games
Liu Yuxi (772-842), Tang poet
Liu Bang (256 or 247-195 BC), bandit leader who became first Han emperor Han Gaozu 漢高祖|汉高祖 (reigned 202-195 BC)
Liu Biao (142-208), warlord
Liu Yi (-285), famous incorruptible official of Western Jin dynasty the Western Jin dynasty 西晉|西晋 (265-316) / Liu Yi (-412), general of Eastern Jin dynasty 東晉|东晋 (317-420)
Liujia village in Zhangdian district 张店区 of Zhibo city 淄博市, Shandong
Lau Ching-Wan (1964-), Hong Kong actor
Liu Heng, personal name of Han emperor Han Wendi 漢文帝|汉文帝 / Liu Heng (1954-), Chinese writer
Liu Bowen (1311-1375), general under the first Ming emperor Zhu Yuanzhang 朱元璋, with a reputation as a military genius / also called Liu Ji 劉基|刘基
Liu Guangdi (1859-1898), one of the Six Gentlemen Martyrs 戊戌六君子 of the unsuccessful reform movement of 1898
Liu Shaoqi (1898-1969), Chinese communist leader, a martyr of the Cultural Revolution
Liu Chan 劉禪|刘禅 (207-271), son of Liu Bei, reigned as Shu Han emperor 233-263
Liu Ji or Liu Bowen 劉伯溫|刘伯温 (1311-1375), general under the first Ming emperor Zhu Yuanzhang 朱元璋, with a reputation as a military genius
Song of the Southern dynasties 南朝宋 (420-479), with capital at Nanjing
Liu Cixin (1963-), Chinese science fiction writer
Liu Xinwu (1942-), novelist
Liu Xiang (77-6 BC), Han Dynasty scholar and author
Liu Yuan, warlord at the end of the Western Jin dynasty 西晋, founder of Cheng Han of the Sixteen Kingdoms 成漢|成汉 (304-347)
Liu Yunshan (1947-), PRC politician, background in journalism in Inner Mongolia, head of the Central Propaganda Department 2002-2012
Gordon Liu (1955-), Hong Kong action actor
Liu Guijin (1945-), PRC diplomat, special representative to Africa from 2007, Chinese specialist on Sudan and the Darfur issue
Liu Yu, founder of Song of the Southern dynasties 劉宋|刘宋, broke away from Eastern Jin in 420, reigned as Emperor Wu of Song 宋武帝
Liu Shipei (1884-1919), Chinese anarchist and revolutionary activist
Liu Yiqing (403-444), writer of South Song Dynasty, compiler and editor of A New Account of the Tales of the World 世說新語|世说新语
Liugong island in the Yellow sea
Liu Tianhua (1895-1932), Chinese musician and composer
Liu Xiaobo (1955-2017), Beijing writer and human rights activist, organizer of petition Charter 2008 零八憲章|零八宪章, Nobel Peace Prize laureate in 2010
Granny Liu visits the Grand View gardens / (of a simple person) to be overwhelmed by new experiences and luxurious surroundings
Liu Xi (late Han, c. 200 AD), possibly the author of 釋名|释名
Liu E (1857-1909), late Qing novelist, author of 老殘遊記|老残游记
Liu Heng (202-157 BC), the fourth Han emperor Han Wendi, reigned 180-157 BC
Liu Shi, personal name of Han Emperor Yuandi 漢元帝|汉元帝
Liu Binyan (1925-2005), journalist and novelist, condemned by Mao as rightist faction in 1957, subsequently dissident writer
Liu Yu, founder of Southern dynasty Song 劉宋|刘宋, broke away from Eastern Jin in 420
Liu Jinbao
Liu Juanzi, legendary alchemist and creator of magic potions
Ferdinand Augustin Hallerstein (1703-1774), Slovenian Jesuit missionary, astronomer and mathematician, spent 35 years at Emperor Qianlong's court
Liu Xu (887-946), politician in Later Jin of the Five Dynasties 後晉|后晋, compiled History of Early Tang Dynasty 舊唐書|旧唐书
Liu Jianfeng (1936-), second governor of Hainan
Liu Juanzi's medical recipes bequeathed by the ghost Huang Fugui 黃父鬼|黄父鬼
Song of the Southern dynasties (420-479), with capital at Nanjing
Liujiakuang township in Muping district 牟平區|牟平区, Yantai, Shandong
Liu Houzong (1904-1949), originally Hunan guerilla leader, rewarded by Chiang Kaishek for killing Xiang Ying 項英|项英 during the 1941 New Fourth Army incident 皖南事变
Liujiakuang township in Muping district 牟平區|牟平区, Yantai, Shandong

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