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plan / project / program / to plan / to map out / CL: 個|个, 項|项
  *划* | 划* | *划
to row / to paddle / profitable / worth (the effort) / it pays (to do sth)
  *划* | 划* | *划
to cut / to slash / to scratch (cut into the surface of sth) / to strike (a match)
  *划* | 划* | *划
to delimit / to transfer / to assign / to plan / to draw (a line) / stroke of a Chinese character
to plan (how to do sth) / planning / plan / program
to plot / to scheme / to bring about / to engineer / planning / producer / planner
to divide up / to partition / to differentiate
to calculate / to weigh (pros and cons) / to view as profitable / worthwhile / value for money / cost-effective
subdivision (e.g. of provinces into counties)
administrative subdivision
to delineate / to draw a line / to underline
family planning
town planning
to plan / to lay out / to design
business plan
to scheme / to plot / conspiracy
planning department
underscore _ / underline
action plan
to plan and prepare
to demarcate / to delimit
overall plan / master plan
a scratch
(of a meteor etc) to streak across (the sky) / (of a searchlight, lightning etc) to play across (the sky)
to row a boat / rowing boat / rowing (sport)
communication management / public relations
canoe / kayak
variant of 筆畫|笔画
to assign / to allocate / to transfer (money to an account)
to cut open / to rip / to streak across (lightning, meteor etc) / to pierce (scream, searchlight etc)
to gesture / to gesticulate / to practice the moves of a martial art by imitating the teacher / to fight / to come to blows
to damage by scratching / to gash / to lacerate
to put forward plans and ideas (also derogatory) / to give advice (idiom)
rowing boat / racing row-boat
it isn't worth it / not cost-effective / not profitable / too expensive
uniform / to standardize
to underline / to mark
to incorporate / to put under (external administration)
to cross out / to cross off
according to (the) plan ...
planned economy
joint project / partnership
a concrete plan / a definite plan
land use plan (official P.R.C. government term)
to be adjusted to uniformity (usually of weights and measures) (idiom)
integrated program
linear programming
clear dividing line / to distinguish clearly
Five-Year Plan
to sweep / to brush away
sponsor / plotter / schemer
planned target / scheduled target
United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
not worth it
engraving (on porcelain etc)
market segmentation
to paddle
finger-guessing game
political map
worth it / it pays to
United Nations Development Program
PRC State Planning Committee, set up in 1952, replaced in 1998 by State Development and Planning Committee 國家發展計劃委員會|国家发展计划委员会 then in 2003 by National Development and Reform Commission 國家發展和改革委員會|国家发展和改革委员会
canoe-kayak flatwater
PRC State Development and Planning Committee, set up 1998 to replace State Planning Committee 國家計劃委員會|国家计划委员会, replaced in 2003 by National Development and Reform Commission 國家發展和改革委員會|国家发展和改革委员会
to gesticulate while talking (idiom); to explain by waving one's hands / to criticize or give orders summarily / also written 指手畫腳|指手画脚
Human Genome Project
the Apollo project (1961-1975), the NASA moon landing project
to assign sb to a seat / to be allocated a place
to gesticulate / to make lively gestures (while talking) / also written 比手畫腳|比手画脚
ruler (used for drawing lines)
to sketch / to delineate
to price (medical prescription)
planned obsolescence
the Apollo project
canoe-kayak slalom
planned obsolescence
small row-boat
to plan / to arrange
to slice / to dice
to counter (a stroke in fencing)
Project Gutenberg
plan of salvation
fixed / unalterable
lookup table for Chinese character based on radical and stroke count
network planner

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