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  *刑* | 刑* | *刑
surname Xing
  *刑* | 刑* | *刑
punishment / penalty / sentence / torture / corporal punishment
criminal / penal
criminal law
abbr. for 刑事警察 / criminal police
criminal investigation
prison sentence
to be punished
to be punished
criminal procedure
limited term of imprisonment (i.e. anything less than life imprisonment)
to serve a prison sentence
cruelty / torture
suspended sentence / probation
to reduce penalty / shortened or commuted (judicial) sentence
death penalty
to sentence (to prison etc)
to detain as criminal / criminal detention / abbr. for 刑事拘留
sentence / penalty / punishment
to sentence / to condemn
to assess punishment / to determine the sentence (on a criminal)
to detain as criminal / criminal detention
life imprisonment
Xingtian, headless giant hero of Chinese mythology decapitated by the Yellow Emperor 黃帝|黄帝
to execute by hanging
prison term
Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization)
criminal court / judiciary court
criminal case
strict law / cruel punishment / to carry out cruel law rigorously
criminal procedure / abbr. for 刑事訴訟法|刑事诉讼法
water-boarding (torture)
castration (a form of punishment during the Han period)
criminal court
to carry out a (death) sentence / execution
International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol)
to extort confession by torture
execution ground / gallows / scaffold
gibbet / hanging post
to complete a prison sentence
interrogation under torture / inquisition
a criminal
torture / interrogation by torture
castration (archaic punishment)
criminal court
to humiliate and torture / to suffer mutilation and humiliation
punishment equipment / torture instrument
indiscriminate punishment
office of punishment / torture chamber (esp. unofficial)
criminal law
beaten / tortured / executed
supreme penalty / execution
(law) deprivation of freedom
Europol (European Police Office)
imperial five punishments of feudal China, up to Han times: tattooing characters on the forehead , cutting off the nose , amputation of one or both feet , castration 宮|宫, execution 大辟 / Han dynasty onwards: whipping , beating the legs and buttocks with rough thorns , forced labor , exile or banishment , capital punishment
torture and cruel treatment
Criminal Investigation Bureau
facing execution
to torture sb using electricity / electrocution (capital punishment)
criminal court / abbr. for 刑事法庭
deferred death sentence / abbr. to 死緩|死缓
whipping with bamboo strips (as corporal punishment)
criminal law (abbr. for pre-Han legalist school 刑名之学) / name of crime
corporal punishment consisting of carving and inking characters on the victim's forehead
stoning (execution method)
beating with wooden staves (as corporal punishment)
corporal punishment (such as castration or amputation)
firing squad
torture / corporal punishment (traditionally involving mutilation or amputation)
to sentence (a criminal)
person being executed / victim of corporal punishment / person serving a sentence
removal of the kneecaps (punishment)
criminal law, pre-Han legalist school
criminal to be executed / to execute a criminal
legal net / the long arm of the law
water-boarding, interrogation technique used by CIA
to be forced to grind grain as a punishment (old)
Ministry of Justice (in imperial China)
squeezing the fingers between sticks (old form of torture)
exile (as form of punishment)
execution by fire / burning at the stake
executed / to suffer corporal punishment or execution
corporal punishment
criminal police / member of the criminal police
torture chamber
UN convention against torture and cruel treatment (ratified by PRC in 1988)
rod used for flogging offenders
Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB)

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