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function (math.)
  *函* | 函* | *函
envelope / case / letter
  *函* | 函* | *函
variant of
Hangu Pass in modern day Henan Province, strategic pass forming the eastern gate of the Qin State during the Warring States Period (770-221 BC)
incoming letter / letter from afar / same as 來信|来信
quadratic function
letter / piece of correspondence (incl. email)
to teach by correspondence
trigonometric function
callback (computing)
linear function (math.)
to send a letter
letters / correspondence
a functional (math.)
official letter
inverse function (math.)
even function (math.)
wave function (in quantum mechanics)
odd function (math.)
Hakodate, main port of south Hokkaidō 北海道, Japan
(math.) an analytic function (of a complex variable)
implicit function
special functions (math.)
open university
(math.) functional analysis
derived function / derivative f' of a function f
function of a real variable (math.)
library (partition on computer hard disk)
(math.) algebraic function
generating function (math.)
an informal letter sent by an organization
abbr. for 函授大學|函授大学, open university
multivalued function (math.)
letter / correspondence / slipcase
(math.) theory of functions of a complex variable
spline function (math.)
(math.) theory of functions of a real variable
letter of congratulations / greeting card (e.g. for New Year)
algebraic function theory (math.)
functor (math.)
(formal) to inform by letter / to submit in writing
variant of 涵洞
(geology) (the earth's) mantle (Tw)
enthalpy / heat content (thermodynamics)
a reply (in writing)
mail order
a message of condolence
exponential function
logarithmic function
shared library (computing)
armor maker
correspondence course
to bring to justice / to hand over to the law
periodic function
the trigonometric functions
secret letter
(math.) elliptic function
function of a complex variable (math.)
(math.) complex analytic function theory
continuous function
invitation letter / CL:
poison pen letter (Tw)

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