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  *出* | 出* | *出
to go out / to come out / to occur / to produce / to go beyond / to rise / to put forth / to happen / (used after a verb to indicate an outward direction or a positive result) / classifier for dramas, plays, operas etc
  *齣* | 齣* | *齣
variant of (classifier for plays or chapters of classical novels)
to act (in a play) / to perform / to put on (a performance) / performance / concert / show / CL: 場|场,
prominent / outstanding / to give prominence to / to protrude / to project
outstanding / distinguished / remarkable / prominent / illustrious
to spend / to pay out / expense
to log out (computer) / to publish / to be published / to appear (in a newspaper etc)
to push out / to release / to launch / to publish / to recommend
to indicate / to point out
to enter or exit / to go through
to issue (an order, decree etc) / to send out / to dispatch / to produce (a sound) / to let out (a laugh)
to put out / to issue
to transmit outwards / to disseminate / efferent (nerve)
to list / to make a list
to remit (funds) / (computing) to export (data)
to find / to search out
to broadcast / to air (a TV program etc)
to raise (an issue) / to propose / to put forward / to suggest / to post (on a website) / to withdraw (cash)
to sell / to reach (a price in an auction)
to obtain (results) / to arrive at (a conclusion)
to make out / to see
to export / to output
to produce (graduates, breast milk, toxic waste, creative ideas etc) / output
to point out / to indicate
to withdraw / to abort / to quit / to log out (computing)
to exceed / to overstep / to go too far / to encroach
to go out / to go away (on a trip etc)
to put on display / to be on show / to exhibit
to come out on top / to win (in an election, contest etc) / success / victory
to assume / to adopt (a look, pose, manner etc) / to bring out for display
to release / to make available / to liberate / disengagement
to bear (fruit)
to determine / to fix upon / to set (a target, a price etc)
to read out loud / (computing) to read (data) / readout (of a scientific instrument)
emission / ejaculation
can't see / can't make out / unable to tell
to extend
to identify by smell / to detect a scent / to sniff out
to jump out / fig. to appear suddenly
to send / to dispatch
to come back out of retirement / to get involved again after having withdrawn
can see / can tell
unable to say
to flow out / to disgorge / to effuse
to lay down (a rule, a plan of action) / to draw up / booked out (i.e. already fully booked)
to pay / to invest (energy or time in a friendship etc)
to put out / to come up with / to make (a choice, decision, proposal, response, comment etc) / to issue (a permit, statement, explanation, apology, reassurance to the public etc) / to draw (conclusion) / to deliver (speech, judgment) / to devise (explanation) / to extract
to sprout (leaves, buds, a beard etc)
to use / to exert
to filter out
to expose / to show / also pr. [lou4 chu1]
to count out (a sum of money etc)
to hand over
to take out / to extract
to figure out
to express / to exhibit
to drive away
to reveal one's talent (idiom) / to rise above others / to distinguish oneself
to squeeze out / to extrude / to drain / to find the time / to burst out
to overflow / to spill over / (computing) overflow
to toss / to throw out
to fly out
to run out
to pick out / to select / to elect
to emerge
to uncover / to ferret out (the culprit)
to rescue / to pluck from danger
to rush out
to make (some time or space) available (for sb)
to fade out (cinema) / to withdraw from (politics, acting etc) / to fade from (memory)
to brandish (a figurative weapon, i.e. some measure intended to deal with the situation) / to resort to (some tactic)
to blurt out / to let slip (an indiscreet remark)
to step forward bravely
to explain a complicated subject matter in simple terms (idiom) / (of language) simple and easy to understand
to eject / to exit from / to pop up
spout / spray / belch / to well up / to puff out / to spurt out
to reveal (a quality or feeling) / to manifest / to evince
to break away / to extricate / to escape / to leave the confines of
to burst forth / to burst out
to leave (a room etc) / to go out through (a door etc)
to protrude / to stick out
annual expenditure
to expel / to evict / to drive out
to leave port / to put off
to mail / to send by post
to speak out / to declare (one's view)
to take out / to put out / to provide / to put forward (a proposal) / to come up with (evidence)
to detect / to examine and discover / to sense
lit. ready to appear at the call (idiom) / fig. on the verge of coming out into the open / (of a person's choice etc) on the point of being disclosed / (of an artistic depiction) vividly portrayed
Trouble issues from the mouth (idiom). A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.
to rush out through a door (idiom)
the whole nest came out (idiom); to turn out in full strength
as the water recedes, the rocks appear (idiom) / the truth comes to light
to extract / to mine
to be away on business
to fish out / to take out (from a pocket, bag etc)
to let off / to give out
to lend
having unspeakable bitter suffering / (often used after 啞巴吃黃連|哑巴吃黄连)
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