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  *凤* | 凤* | *凤
surname Feng
  *凤* | 凤* | *凤
Longfeng district of Daqing city 大慶|大庆, Heilongjiang
dragon and phoenix
Danfeng County in Shangluo 商洛, Shaanxi
red phoenix
a giant among men (idiom)
Laifeng County in Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture 恩施土家族苗族自治州, Hubei
luan and phoenix / husband and wife / virtuous person / sovereign / belle
to have sexual intercourse
lit. phoenix in embryo / fig. young talent / budding genius
hitching a ride to the sky on the dragon and phoenix (idiom); fig. currying favor with the rich and powerful in the hope of advancement
lit. to hope one's daughter becomes a phoenix (idiom) / fig. to hope one's daughter is a success in life
Comac ARJ21, Chinese-built twin-engine regional jet
lit. dragon births dragon, phoenix births phoenix (idiom) / fig. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

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