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  *几* | 几* | *几
how much / how many / several / a few
  *几* | 几* | *几
small table
  *几* | 几* | *几
several / quite a few
small side table / coffee table / teapoy (ornamental tripod with caddies for tea)
more than ten / a dozen or more
which day of the week
just a very few (idiom); tiny number / not many at all / You count them on your fingers.
there is not much left
very little / hardly any
lit. see a tiny bit and understand everything (idiom)
soon / before long
similar / almost / if only / maybe
(coll.) (I, you etc) have what status / who am I (you etc)
more than a hundred
long narrow table
(dialect) extremely
one can't tell how many / numerous similar cases
lit. clear window and clean table (idiom); fig. bright and clean (room)
deep and detailed investigation (idiom)
a small table to accommodate an incense burner
to succeed at the first try (idiom) / easy as pie / one can do it at once
lit. piles of work and papers (idiom); fig. accumulated backlog of work

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