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clean / neat
  *净* | 净* | *净
variant of 淨|净
  *净* | 净* | *净
clean / completely / only / net (income, exports etc) / (Chinese opera) painted face male role
net profit
to purify
pure / clean / unmixed
net value / net worth
clean / to cleanse
clean water / purified water
to wash clean
air purifier
water purifier
(Buddhism) Pure Land, usually refers to Amitabha Buddha's Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss (Sukhavati in Sanskrit)
net profit
price-to-book ratio (finance)
net weight
net weight
squeaky clean / neat and tidy / efficient
peaceful / quiet / tranquil / purified of defiling illusion (Buddhism)
thoroughly (idiom) / completely / one and all / very clean
(of skin) fair and clear
to purify one's body (i.e. to get castrated)
simple and neat / quiet (colors) / unobtrusive / (of food) light / not greasy or strongly flavored
to leave a marriage with nothing (no possessions or property)
bright and clean / luminous
net present value (NPV)
what remains unseen is deemed to be clean / what the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over (idiom)
Sha Wujing
Sha Wujing, character from the Journey to the West
Pure Land Buddhism
lit. clear window and clean table (idiom) / fig. bright and clean
to remove completely / to eliminate / to cleanse from
unclean / filthy / foul-mouthed
even / uniform
thieving / light-fingered / prone to stealing
to wash one's hands / (fig.) to go to the toilet
to eliminate / to purge
a little dirt never killed anybody (proverb) / a couple of germs won't do you any harm
to cleanse / to purge
lit. ears pure and peaceful (idiom) / to stay away from the filth and unrest of the world
clean and efficient / neat and tidy
lit. clear window and clean table (idiom); fig. bright and clean (room)
clean and spotless
to have an untroubled heart and behave morally (idiom)
hydrogenated oil
net income / net profit
purified water

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